• Hungary Defies The Globalist War Machine: “Hungary Will Not Succumb To EU Blackmail”

    January 30, 2024
    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, via his official website

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    The Financial Times reported on Sunday, that they had received a confidential document drafted by globalist leaders in Brussels outlining a plan to sabotage Hungary’s economy if Budapest does not stop vetoing aid to Ukraine. The report laid bare the thuggish tactics used by the globalist elites to keep the war machine going. Hungary’s EU Affairs Minister, János Boka, defiantly declared “Hungary will not succumb to EU blackmail.”

    Embarrassed EU officials, trying to coverup their anti-democratic actions, tried to downplay the document, telling the Financial Times that it was a “factual paper which does not reflect the status of the ongoing negotiations,” claiming that it “does not outline a plan but makes a suggestion.”

    Zoltan Kovacs, spokesman for Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared on X (formerly Twitter), “The blackmail of Hungary is not new; it has only changed its form. This method of deliberately weakening our economy, eroding investor trust, devaluing the forint, and freezing our EU funds, is a novel form of coercion if Prime Minister Viktor Orbán doesn't comply with their Ukraine aid plan or their pro-LGBTQ propaganda. Hungary, however, does not give in to these attempts. I denounce the prevailing ‘war psychosis’ in Europe, where Brussels bureaucrats aim to break down our peace-focused stance and we firmly reject such blatant blackmail. Our government's position, strongly supported by the Hungarian people and evidenced by the national consultation results, stands unwavering. Let this be a warning to all: EU institutions cause serious damage with this type of open blackmail, opening Pandora's box.”

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    Balasz Orban, political director for Viktor Orbán responded to the globalist threat, saying “Brussels is using blackmail against Hungary like there’s no tomorrow, despite the fact that we have proposed a compromise.... Now it’s crystal clear: this is blackmail and has nothing to do with the rule of law. And now they’re not even trying to hide it! Whatever happens, change is needed in Brussels!”

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared on X (formerly Twitter): "Forget about the rule of law, Hungary is blackmailed for having a it’s own opinion on #migration, the war in #Ukraine and #genderpropaganda. We will defend our interests. #Hungary cannot be blackmailed!"

    Orbán has been an opponent of globalist warmongering and has called for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and for peace negotiations. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjárto has also criticized the Zelensky regime for its systematic oppression of ethnic minorities in the country.



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    Adamos Gara


    Marianne cooper

    What heroes your leadership are. Bold courageous and full of truth and honor. They are an inspiration for us all!


    Ahhhh, to have many Viktor Orbans around the world--what a blessing that would be!

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