• Biden Administration Is Driving Serbia Into The Arms Of Russia

    April 30, 2024
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    After the aggressive anti-Serb policies pursued by the Biden Administration, along with an attempted color revolution coup in December, support for the West is on the decline in Serbia. The latest Ipsos poll shows that support for the European Union has dropped 40 percent in Serbia. The poll also reveals that the Serbian public views Russia as the country’s top international partner, while they perceive the United States as a threat.

    Overall, the poll reveals that the West is losing the battle in the Western Balkans, as people are losing faith in the so-called Euro-Atlantic integration process, which brings with it cultural changes that are abhorrent to the traditional cultures.

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    The mood among the Serbian population is pro-Russian but there is a vocal minority who are pro-Western, especially in Belgrade. The policies of the Biden Administration, which are essentially being dictated by the Soros Foundation, are alienating Christian populations throughout the region, which will inevitably lead to instability in the region. The threat of a new Balkan war is very real.



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