• Dodik Comments On The Situation In The Balkans Following Meeting With Putin

    February 27, 2024
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    Milorad Dodik meeting with Vladimir Putin, via X

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    The President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, fresh from his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, made remarks to RT about the situation in the Balkans and Europe generally, praising the Russian leader for his support for the freedom of nations, people, and states.

    Commenting on his meeting with the Russian President, the President of Republika Srpska said, “Russia's victory in all fields will also be the victory of Republika Srpska. I am very proud of the fact that I spoke with the President, wished him all the victories he can achieve, and said that all Putin’s victories and Russia’s victories are also our victories. We believe that Russia is on the right side of the freedom of nations, people, and states. In this sense, President Putin is fulfilling an important mission at this time.”

    Dodik argued that Russia was forced to defend its people and that is why it started the Special Military Operation in Ukraine. He added that Europe, under the influence of the United States, was deceived into siding with the Ukrainian regime.

    “The West is in collective hysteria and demands that everyone in the region join their sanctions.  Republika Srpska, as well as Serbia, did not do that and we remain exposed to almost daily pressures,” Dodik told RT.

    Dodik added that he is proud of Republika Srpska’s relationships with Serbia and Hungary. “Serbia is the guarantor of the Dayton Agreement, it signed the General Framework Agreement and Serbia is responsible for Republika Srpska… the West tried to separate Serbia from Srpska, but that this is practically impossible.”

    Using the unification of the two Germanys as an example, Dodik said that he believes that one day the Serbian people from the two sides of the Drina will be reunited and that “this is a completely logical sequence of events, even though the West is trying to deny that right to smaller nations.”

    Dodik also praised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán saying  “Orbán is one of the strongest modern leaders in Europe, he has a policy unlike other Westerners who follow other people's policies. His policy is to preserve the country, preserve the people, preserve sovereignty, and to preserve freedom. In this respect, he respects such values ​​for others."

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    Republika Srpska and its leadership respects the same values ​​and fights for them just like Viktor Orbán. “I think that the future of the EU is in what Viktor Orbán promotes, in what he thinks the European Union should be, or it won't exist. It will certainly not be under the patronage of only one country called Germany,” Dodik told RT.

    Commenting on Western sanctions against Russia, Dodik said that they have made it difficult for Republika Srpska to do business with Russian companies. He announced that in the coming period, he will address the issue of how to facilitate business contacts with Russian companies.

    Dodik said that Russia has been a great friend of Republika Srpska, continuing the favorable gas agreement with Srpska. He also expressed his gratitude to Vladimir Putin for his reception, as well as the support that Russia provides to Srpska from Dayton until today.



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