• Dodik Calls For Unification Of Serbs While Commemorating Victory Over Fascism

    May 9, 2024
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    President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik, via his official website

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    Speaking at a commemoration ceremony celebrating the defeat of fascism and the end of World War II in Europe, Milorad Dodik, President of Republika Srpska, told the crowd, “We have one more fight ahead of us, and that is to free ourselves from Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

    Dodik said that freedom is what unites the Serbian people who must again be united.

    “The victory over fascism is permanent and cannot be replaced by another term,” Dodik said, pointing out that the largest number of victims were among the Serbian and Russian people.

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    “Our resistance to every kind of oppression that we have here is strong…. The German regime killed over 30 million people. Everyone who was under the attack of the German ideology suffered. Germany at that time wanted submission, it wanted to rule,” Dodik alluding to the similarities of present-day German policy in the region.



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