• Former Foreign Minister Warns The U.S. Will Not Defend Romania

    July 9, 2024
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    In an article published in the Romanian newspaper Cotidianul, former Foreign Minister Adrian Severin blasted Romania’s inept foreign policy that he says will drag his country into the conflict in Ukraine. He warned that, as a result, Romania is becoming encircled and that “Like last time, the Americans will not come.” He warned that only politicians and parties “that will keep Romania out of the war are the only ones that deserve to be supported.”

    The former foreign minister warned that “Romania is surrounded from the point of view of foreign policy,” and that it has antagonized most of its neighbors through “defiant statements.” In contrast, Viktor Orbán and Hungary are building bridges with neighboring countries, as well as with the great powers.

    “What Viktor Orbán is doing now, and no one can deny, is not offering a peace plan to be negotiated, but opening up an indispensable communication channel for the negotiation of peace… Through it, Prime Minister Orbán and Hungary at least profile themselves as regional leaders, if not as actors with global relevance…,” Severin wrote. Let’s add to this that Hungary, in overcoming its hereditary conflicts with Serbia, has created a strategic triangle Budapest-Belgrade-Moscow, which makes Romanians wonder if the famous saying of Nicolae Iorga, according to which Romania’s only good neighbors are Serbia and the Black Sea is still valid.”

    Severin pointed out that Budapest has built strategic relationships with both Russia and Turkey, the two main powers that dominate the Black Sea region. He adds that this will work to Hungary’s advantage because, “within NATO, Hungary may seem like a fly, but Turkey is an eagle, and when the fly and the eagle ally themselves because their strategic interests align, as they knew how to define them, the Euro-Atlantic flap can hardly stand in front of them . To this Hungarian-Turkish relationship, based on the communion of strategic interests, Romania opposes the pastoralist rhetoric of Mr. Ciolacu and Mr. Ciucă, two tragi-comic characters pushed by the underground state to govern a country that we are no longer sure exists as a sovereign entity.”

    The former head of Romanian diplomacy revealed the harsh reality of the situation: “So let’s look at the map: Russia, Turkey, Serbia, Hungary, all Romania’s neighbors, behind which China is emerging as a global superpower at the sight of which the world trembles more and more, confirming Napoleon’s prediction, have foreign policies diametrically opposed to Romania’s. Like the Romanian army in the Second World War, which, in the battle with the Red Army, according to the official media, successfully attacked in the north, south, east and west, giving an opportunity for a shrewd observer to note that this proves that it is encircled, and Romanian foreign policy (since we can no longer speak of the Romanian army) throws defiant statements to all the neighbors, waiting for the Americans to come and take it out of the encirclement.”

    “Like last time,” Severin warns, “the Americans will not come."

    “Like last time,” Severin warns, “the Americans will not come. At most the American corporations will come. Not to defend us from the Russians, Hungarians and I know who else, but to see what fortunes we have left and can be ‘sheltered’ in their banks. That is, until they find that we too blew the whistle in the church, ‘illegally, unjustifiably and unprovokedly’ defying the ‘rules-based international order,’ and confiscate them to use ‘in support’ of another Ukraine, created in occult laboratories of American geopolitics and made to buy with our money the weapons produced by the American military-industrial complex.”

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    The former foreign minister declared that peace is the most important topic in the upcoming elections and that the only candidate worth supporting is the one who will offer guarantees that Romania will not be involved in war. “To get rid of the biggest and fiercest creditors, which are the Russians and Chinese, the U.S. needs a war with Russia and China, under the pretext and in the context of which, instead of paying its debt (which, either by forcing to the formal abandonment of the position of global superpower is unthinkable for the occult oligarchy that runs the USA, either imposing the tightening of the belt of the American citizen to the last hole will cause a huge internal revolt or even a civil war), they will cancel it by confiscating Russian and Chinese assets as a sanction for their ‘illegal, unjustified and unprovoked’ aggressions in the Black Sea and the China Sea, aggressions which, of course, unlike the ‘humanitarian bombings’ in former Yugoslavia or the ‘preemptive strikes’ in Iraq, violate the ‘international order based on on rules...’”



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