• Romanian Military Leaders Betray Their Own People And Donate PATRIOT Missile Systems To Ukraine

    June 21, 2024
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    Meeting of Romania's Supreme Council for National Defense, via presidency.ro

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    Romania's Supreme National Defense Council (CSAT) decided on Thursday to donate a PATRIOT high-range surface-to-air missile system to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The decision was announced in a press release issued by the Presidential Administration after the CSAT meeting, held at Cotroceni Palace. The move will significantly weaken Romania’s air defenses leaving its own population vulnerable.

    As if further evidence that the ruling regime in Bucharest is a merely puppet state of Washington and Brussels, the press release states, “Considering the significant deterioration of the security situation in Ukraine, as a result of Russia’s constant and massive attacks on civilians and civil infrastructure, especially on the energy sector, as well as the regional consequences of this situation, including on Romania's security, in close coordination with allies, the members of the Council decided to donate a PATRIOT system to Ukraine.”

    The press release went on to show Bucharest’s subservience to Washington, stating “this donation is made on the condition of the continuation of our country’s negotiations with its allies, especially with the American strategic partner, in order to obtain a similar or equivalent system, which meets the need to ensure the protection of the national airspace, to modernize the Romanian Army and ensuring interoperability with the NATO system, being, at the same time, necessary to identify a temporary solution to cover the operational vulnerability thus created.”

    The announcement also showed that the reckless actions of Romanian political leaders are on the verge of plunging Romania into a disastrous war: “Romania’s position is and will continue to be unequivocal in the multidimensional support of Ukraine, alongside the international community, in its legitimate right to self-defense in the face of Russia’s illegal and unprovoked aggression… the continuous deterioration of the security situation in the eastern neighborhood of our country, as a result of the intensification of Russia’s military actions, and the broader security implications and risks that these actions generate for the region were emphasized, in especially for the Republic of Moldova, but also for European and Euro-Atlantic security.”

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    The globalist leaders in Bucharest received immediate praise from their Western masters. British Ambassador to Romania, Giles Portman, said, “I am very grateful for what Romania has done. This proves that Romania is a very important and strong ally for NATO, for the United Kingdom.”

    There is a widespread fear in Romania that the globalist ruling cabal of President Klaus Iohannis is moving the country closer and closer to war. Public opposition to the training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16s has been ignored by the ruling elites. Iohannis, prior to the election, had said he opposed leaving Romania’s air defenses vulnerable, but immediately after the vote, he reversed the decision and has left his own people vulnerable and at the mercy of his globalist masters in Washington and Brussels.



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