Comments From Kosovo President Raise Tensions With Serbia

February 12, 2023
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Vjosa Osmani, President of Kosovo

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In an interview with the UK publication, The Telegraph, Vjosa Osmani, President of Kosovo, accused Serbia of preparing to wage a proxy war in Kosovo. She said that Russia’s paramilitary Wagner Group is smuggling weapons and uniforms into the autonomous Serbian province, preparing for an operation that parallels Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.

“They bring in weapons and uniforms but they are not formally part of the Serbian army,” Osmani charged. “Serbia wants to achieve its aims without it being called a military operation.”

“If you look at what Putin did in 2014 it is a complete copy cat, it is the same playbook. Initially, he instrumentalized Russians who lived there, then he was creating all kinds of false flag operations and then he sent in these paramilitary groups,” said the Kosovo President.

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Osmani accused Belgrade of raising tensions in the region, working together with Russia’s Wagner Group, which has also been advertising for Serbian recruits to join the war in Ukraine.

“There is clear evidence that Serb paramilitary groups have been planning and organizing this with Wagner,” she declared. “How many were at the border or inside Kosovo territory, that’s an issue that is still being investigated.”

The President of Kosovo offered no evidence for her accusations, but they certainly seem calculated to raise tensions with Serbia, which is facing intense pressure from the EU and the United States to accept the so-called Franco-German plan for Kosovo.



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