• Vučić: “There Will Be No Capitulation And No Surrender”

    March 10, 2023
    Aleksandar Vučić on Serbian TV Thursday, via his Official Website

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    Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić went on Serbian television on Thursday evening to express his dismay at the way the European Union is openly siding with the Albanians in negotiations over Kosovo. He condemned the EU decision to reward Priština by lifting visa requirements for Kosovo just as EU Special Representative Miroslav Lajčák arrived in Priština for talks ahead of the upcoming meeting between the two sides in Ohrid on March 18.

    “Lajcak was in Pristina today and according to what I saw from the statements there, hardly any progress was made. Everything is a matter of interpretation, but I am almost certain that Kurti is determined not to form the Community of Serbian Municipalities, and that it is easy for him to do so is shown by today’s decision of the EU to cancel the visa regime for the citizens of so-called Kosovo,” Vučić told Serbian TV.

    “The moment it happens shows that they are not ready to put pressure on Kurti, but it is encouraging Kurti for not fulfilling the obligations he has. That’s a problem,” Vučić added.

    Vučić has a sound basis for his concerns. Earlier in the day, Lajcak told reporters, “That [Community of Serbian Municipalities] is not currently on the agenda of the dialogue.” This once again reveals the anti-Serbian bias of the EU and Washington. This anti-Serb bias also led Srpska Lista, the party representing Serbs in Kosovo, to issue a press release on Tuesday declaring that they will not participate in the local elections scheduled for April “because the demands that caused us to leave Kosovo's institutions have not been met, nor will we participate in any elections until our legitimate demands are met.”

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    Vučić insisted that he would not sign Serbia’s capitulation and that he would not recognize Kosovo’s independence, or permit Kosovo’s membership in the United Nations.

    The President once again affirmed that the so-called Franco-German Plan for Kosovo is being forcibly imposed on Serbia. “No one from the state leadership of Serbia, neither me nor anyone else, wrote any plan, proposal. It was written by Western powers from Germany and France, with the support of America. These are the ones to whom someone from the U.N. gave the right to make decisions regarding the relationship between Belgrade and Pristina, and it was neither Vučić nor anyone from the current government,” the Serbian President added.

    “There will be no capitulation and no surrender. I made it clear that Serbia will not agree and will not accept Kosovo’s entry into the U.N., nor will it accept Kosovo’s independence in one way or another,” Vučić insisted.

    While he hopes for reconciliation with the Albanians, Vučić is not optimistic. “They are deliberately harassing Serbs. Kurti will see his salvation and way out in attacks on Serbs and provocations. I guarantee it. He says, the Community of Serbian Municipalities is not possible without recognition, so he doesn’t really care. He got a visa-free regime, he will get membership in the Council of Europe, and they will consider that as normal, and they will ask us to support it.”



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    Dan Gilfry

    I fought with Serbia AGAINST the NATO Nazis
    when they raped Yugoslavia!

    I'd LOVE to fight with them again because I
    LOVE to "neutralize" Nazis!


    Travis R

    The browning of Europe is an ongoing and destructive mission by the UN.
    Remember the UN is the enemy of every person in the world.


    France and Germany are two countries in the hands of globalist puppets installed in power to destroy these nations and impose the 'new world order' of their puppet masters.

    Scholtz has zero legitimacy and popularity, he represents nothing except the vested interests of the global elite.

    As for Macron, he couldn't stand outside in paris for 5 minutes without an army of cops and bodyguards without being lynched.

    These two regimes and the EU will die the same way the USSR died and for the same reasons.


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