• Serbian Opposition Dismayed After Ohrid Talks

    March 21, 2023
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    President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić
    President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, via Facebook

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    After meetings with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and the prime minister of the autonomous province of Kosovo, Albin Kurti in Ohrid on Saturday, the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell announced,We have a deal Kosovo and Serbia have agreed on the Implementation Annex of the Agreement on the path to normalisation of relations The parties have fully committed to honour all articles of the agreement and implement their respective obligations expediently and in good faith.”

    Vučić claims that he did not sign anything, but this is just political cover as he has effectively caved in to the dictates imposed on Serbia in the Franco-German plan for Kosovo. While pro-government forces claim that Serbia has no alternative but to accept the ultimatum from the West, opposition forces see it as a betrayal of the country and are calling for Vučić’s immediate resignation and for new elections. Others are calling for a national referendum on the agreement.

    Former Serbian President and leader of the Social-Democratic Party, Boris Tadić, pointed out that the agreement to normalize relations between Serbia and Kosovo does not need to be signed because it has already been accepted in the negotiations in which Vučić.He called the current president’s statement an unprecedented “deception” of the Serbian people.

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    People’s Party leader, Vuk Jeremić, said that Vučić’s acceptance of the Franco-German plan will result in the formation of Greater Albania. “In addition to all that, in a couple of years, the ‘Scholz-Macron 2’ plan would seek to resolve the ‘open issue of Bosnia and Herzegovina,’ that is, to abolish the autonomy of Republika Srpska,” Jeremić declared. “In the meantime, Vučić would remain in power in Serbia, and would kick into fifth gear and trample us even harder than before, with the support of the West.”

    Milica Djurdjevic-Stamenkovski, leader of the Zavetnici Party, agreed that the consequence of accepting the Franco-German plan will be the creation of the Greater Albania, in addition to fueling other secessionist demands in Serbia. She wrote on Twitter, “The Annex on Greater Albania was agreed last night. Vučić undertook to accept ALL points of the Franco-German ultimatum. It is written word for word. Who can prevent Tirana and Pristina from declaring unification when we accept Kosovo as a neighboring country?! You threw the Constitution under your feet.”

    Milica Djurdjevic-Stamenkovski, leader of the Zavetnici Party, via Twitter

    “It is neither wisdom nor practical policy to sign everything you are offered,” Djurdjevic-Stamenkovski added in a statement to Serbian media. “If we lost our sovereignty in 1999, why new agreements and arrangements? If it were so, that process would have been completed a long time ago. Do not look at the position of the Serbian state with a defeatist approach, it can be very dangerous. This can open a Pandora’s box that can lead to other secessionist movements.”

    Bosko Obradović, leader of the Dveri Movement and a member of parliament, called for a new protest gathering on Friday, March 24, and for the immediate resignation of Aleksandar Vučić. He told Serbian media, “We call on citizens to join forces of all those who are against this government and the Franco-German agreement to block all institutions in the country on Friday, March 24 at 12:44, starting from city and municipal administrations to the Government of Serbia. On that day, we will mark the anniversary of the start of the NATO bombing in all cities and municipalities where blockades will be held and call for an even larger national gathering around the demand that Vucic must leave.”

    Obradović added on Twitter, “Even Orwell could not have foreseen that the acceptance of the Western ultimatum, the violation of the Constitution, capitulation, and betrayal are declared to be the protection of national interests! Spinning is raised to the highest level in order to hide from citizens the truth that they have recognized Kosovo as an independent state.”



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