• As Bulgarians Go To The Polls Fears Of Election Fraud Loom

    April 2, 2023
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    Alpha Research

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    The stakes are high as Bulgarians go to the polls on Sunday in the country’s fifth parliamentary election over the past two years. The Globalist West is heavily invested in subverting Bulgarian democracy to ensure that a subservient pro-Western government will rule the country. There are concerns that the voting machines being used to tabulate the results may be manipulated to alter the results.

    Pre-election polls show that five political formations are likely to achieve the 4% threshold to enter parliament. The turnout is expected to be very low, with only 39% of eligible voters saying they are likely to participate. There is also a large percentage of undecided voters.

    According to a survey conducted by Alpha Research, GERB-UDF will be supported by 25.9%, followed by the globalist grouping Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria with 25.4%. The other three groups expected to win seats in the new parliament are the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (13.8%), Vazrazhdane (13.6%), and BSP for Bulgaria (8.2%).

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    “Voter fatigue, frustration, and anxiety about the futility of the last few parliaments make voters' attitudes and behavior very uncertain. Possible shifts would not change the main parameters of the picture in Parliament. Forming a cabinet, however, will be just as difficult as in the previous Parliament,” Alpha Research concluded.

    The party expected to show the greatest increase in support is the patriotic movement Vazrazhdane which has successfully let a petition drive for a referendum to reject the adoption of the Euro and stand firmly for Bulgarian neutrality in the Ukraine conflict. There are concerns that foreign interests will interfere in the election to bring about a government that will support the war in Ukraine, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Bulgarians oppose the country’s involvement in the conflict.



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