• Final Results From Sunday’s Election In Bulgaria

    April 7, 2023
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    Former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov's conservative GERB Pary finished first in Sunday's elections in Bulgaria, via Wikimedia Commons

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    Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission announced the final official results from Sunday’s parliamentary election on Thursday evening. Six political formations obtained the 4% minimum threshold to enter the new parliament: GRB-UDF, Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria, Vazrazhdane, Movement for Rights and Freedoms, BSP for Bulgaria, and There Is Such a People.

    Former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov’s GERB received 669,924 votes, while the leftist Globalist grouping of Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria obtained 621,174 votes. Vazrazhdane, the conservative patriotic party led by Kostadin Kostadinov received 358,174 votes to finish third. The Movement for Rights and Freedoms finished fourth with 347,700 votes, followed by BSP for Bulgaria with 225,914 votes, and There Is Such a People with 103,971 votes.

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    The Central Election Commission will announce the names of Members of Parliament in the 49th legislature by April 9. In accordance with the final results, the seats in the new parliament will be allocated as follows: GERB-UDF 69 seats; Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria 64 seats; Vazrazhdane, 37 seats; Movement for Rights and Freedoms, 36 seats; BSP for Bulgaria, 23 seats; and There Is Such a People, 11 seats.



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