• Kosovo’s President Rejects Autonomy For Serbian Municipalities

    April 9, 2023
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    Vjosa Osmani, Public Domain

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    While Serbia faces intense pressure to accept an agreement to normalize relations with Kosovo, the President of the autonomous province, Vjosa Osmani, rejected outright one of the key tenets of any compromise between the two sides, autonomy for the Serbian municipalities.

    Osmani told local media, “There is no autonomy. Everything that would emerge from the Kosovo Constitution has to be ratified in parliament, so the MPs will ultimately decide on something like that. However, as President, I would at no time allow this in violation of the Constitution, or in violation of the decisions of the Constitutional Court that has defined the parameters regarding the rights of Serbs and their organizing in Kosovo.”

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    Referencing Article 7 of the Franco-German plan, the president of the province said that the Kosovo Constitution takes precedence and “there cannot be autonomy in violation of the Constitution.”

    She added that a 2015 Constitutional Court decision and other principles laid down by the Parliament “refer to preserving the country’s integrity and sovereignty and its internal functionality, known as the principle of unitary state.” This position leaves little room for compromise with the Serbs who boycotted the most recent local elections in protest of the lack of autonomy.



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