• Serbs Commemorate Victims Of NATO Aggression While Faced With Ultimatum On Kosovo

    March 25, 2023
    Victims of the indiscriminate NATO bombing of Serbia, via Twitter

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    On Friday, Serbs commemorated the 24th anniversary of NATO’s unilateral declaration of war on former Yugoslavia. NATO launched the military assault on Serbia in violation of international law, ignoring the UN Charter and without receiving authorization from the UN Security Council.

    The bombing of Serbia lasted for 78 days. U.S. and NATO forces killed over 4,000 civilians, including 79 children. The bombers dropped over 25,000 tons of uranium-depleted shells on the country, which continue to create health issues for the population nearly a quarter of a century after the attack. More than 280,000 Serbs were driven from their homes in Kosovo. NATO forces destroyed over 60 bridges, 300 Factories, 190 schools, and 20 hospitals. The US also destroyed a brand-new Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, killing 4 Chinese diplomats. NATO forces continue to occupy the southern Serbian province of Kosovo which has unilaterally declared its independence with the support of Washington and Brussels.

    NATO bombing of Belgrade in 1999, via Twitter

    In commemorating the occasion, Milorad Dodik, President of Republika Srpska, recalled one of the victims of the aggression: “Milica Rakić, a three-year-old girl from Belgrade, was killed on the potty, in her home, during the NATO bombing of Serbia. She is not the only victim of that insane campaign of the most powerful military alliance of the time against a sovereign state. No one was ever held accountable for the crimes during NATO’s military intervention in Serbia, although it was established that during the intervention NATO also used depleted uranium. Although the first bomb fell on Serbia on March 24, it exploded in every Serbian heart, wherever it was. We remember with sadness every victim and every destruction in that mindless intervention, as well as all the victims of the NATO bombing in Republika Srpska.”

    Milica Rakić, a victim of NATO bombs, via Twitter

    NATO justified its barbaric bombing campaign by calling conditions in Kosovo a risk to regional stability. But Article 2(4) of the UN Charter prohibits the use of force by UN member states to resolve disputes without the approval of the Security Council or for reasons of self-defense, neither of which applied. The campaign of aggression against Serbia marked one of the first times the new globalist world order flexed its muscle to destroy the sovereignty of an independent nation.

    The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, spoke at the commemoration of the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of NATO Aggression in 1999, saying “nothing in the world can be worse than what they did to a small country that was guilty because it wanted to be on its own, free and independent, and because she was not liked by those who overthrew the old order and created a new order in the 1980s and 1990s. They created a new order in which only they are asked about everything, and those who disobey are punished.”

    Vučić speaking on the anniversary of the NATO attack, via Twitter

    Vučić remarked on the intense diplomatic pressure being applied on Serbia as the West has given its ultimatum that Serbia must accept the so-called Franco-German Plan. “Today, when you are pressuring us, when you are asking us to give justification for all that you unjustifiably did to this country, to agree that you did not do anything wrong when you committed these crimes, you are saying look to the future. We are looking to the future, we are keeping the peace and we will not have any more conflicts with the Albanians, not with anyone, not even with you,” Vučić said.

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    The Serbian President went on to condemn the hypocrisy of Western foreign policy, making reference to the war in Ukraine: “And everything that you gave yourself as a right, you never gave to others. And how duplicitous and hypocritical it sounds today when you protect someone’s territorial integrity. It’s nice when we rightly protect the territorial integrity of every UN member and of Ukraine, and today you refer to the UN Charter, to the UN Resolution, but you do not respect the charter only when it comes to one small free country, which is Serbia. You who respect all resolutions except Resolution 1244, you who will demand that what is not signed be respected, and you will not respect what you signed, because what do you care, you are strong, big and powerful, you can do it.”

    Serbs protesting in Belgrade on Friday, via Twitter

    Amidst the solemn commemorations, massive numbers of Serbs protested in Belgrade against the government’s verbal acceptance of the so-called Franco-German plan for Kosovo, which is in fact a dictate from Washington and Brussels. Serbian opposition leader Bosko Obradović,  posted on Twitter, “The government blocked everything in Serbia. That's why today we blocked the headquarters of the Government of Serbia in Belgrade! Clear demands: the cancellation of the oral acceptance of the Franco-German ultimatum on the recognition of the fake state of Kosovo or the resignation of the President and the Government of Serbia and extraordinary elections at all levels!:”

    Milica Djurdjevic-Stamenkovski, leader of the Zavetnici Party, which firmly opposes the Franco-German Plan summed up the feelings of many on this day, writing on Twitter “Serbia remembers. Serbia defends. NO TO THE NATO ULTIMATUM!”



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    Make NO mistake!!!!!!!!!
    I have a TON of 90's era screencaps where I was a lone voice screaming about clinton using B-2's to bomb native whites in their own country, for the invading hordes of moslems.
    Forensic evidence, even.

    Travis R

    The US eggs are coming home to roost.

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