• Plans To Admit Kosovo To The Council Of Europe Raise Alarms In Serbia

    April 17, 2023
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    Serbia Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić via Wikimedia Commons

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    Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić declared on Monday he would cancel a trip to Strasbourg following announcements that the Council of Europe (CoE) would initiate the procedure on April 19 to begin the process to admit Kosovo to the organization. Dačić had planned to visit Strasbourg to commemorate 20 years since Serbia joined the Council of Europe.

    “What kind of a message is that? That is a humiliation and a message that Kosovo can do what it wants. If those announcements are true, I will definitely not be going to Strasbourg tomorrow,” Dačić told reporters. “A non-state has never been admitted to the Council of Europe.”

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    “It is impossible to defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine while destroying the territorial integrity of Serbia,” Dačić noted. “If anyone thinks we will be glad about that or support that, I think they are absolutely on wrong.”

    The Serbian Foreign Minister criticized Kosovo’s refusal to form a Community of Serbian Municipalities as it had agreed to do over a decade ago. “To us, a message like this raises the question of Serbia’s future in the Council of Europe… We will definitely not let anyone humiliate Serbia,” Dačić declared.



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    Globalist controlled Europe is one giant shiithole ....

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