• Bulgaria’s New “U.S. Embassy” Government Prepares To Subvert Democracy

    June 17, 2023
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    Kostadin Kostadinov
    Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov, via Facebook

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    Kostadin Kostadinov, leader of Bulgaria’s patriotic party, Vazrazhdane, the leading opposition party in the Bulgarian parliament, warns that the newly-installed “U.S. Embassy” government is moving to thwart democracy and undermine the rule of law in the country. Vazrazhdane spearheaded a petition drive in the spring to collect signatures to force a referendum on Bulgaria’s adoption of the Euro. The signatures have since been counted and verified and, by law, a referendum must be held in the fall, but the new government is now trying to deny the Bulgarian people a voice on the issue.

    Fearful that the results of such a referendum could disrupt the globalist agenda for Bulgaria, the new government is franticly searching for ways to prevent the Bulgarian people from having a say about the country’s financial independence. “The propaganda machine is starting to trumpet that this referendum is illegal, that it should not be voted on.” Kostadinov told supporters in a recorded message on social media. “They will file a complaint in the Constitutional Court, with which they will ask that this referendum not take place, in other words, they will continue to deepen the coup.”

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    If that happens, the leader of Vazrazhdane explained, “We will have no other means left but physical resistance, because when the right turns into injustice, resistance is mandatory. I hope that the events that will take place from here on will open the eyes to our compatriots, because the next thing they will want to do, apart from getting us into the Eurozone, so they can steal our savings, so they can destroy us as a country, is to get Bulgaria into the war in Ukraine.”

    Bulgaria’s new U.S.-installed government is already making moves to send munitions to Ukraine despite that fact that 70% of Bulgarian oppose such a move. The government, however, has no interest in representing its own people but is instead subservient to political dictates from Washington and Brussels.



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    Just another noisy politician seizing on an issue to enrich himself politically, he does not care about his people...typical pol, it's all about the power.

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