• Romanian Parliament Approves 150 Million Euros For Children With Parents Working Abroad

    June 29, 2023
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    Raluca Turcan, Minister of Culture, revealed that the deputies approved a program in which public, educational institutions, hospitals, and non-governmental groups can launch programs from European funding for children whose parents have gone to work abroad. As a result, starting in autumn, at least 20,000 children will receive financial assistance.

    Local and central government institutions, as well as educational institutions, hospitals, family doctors, non-governmental organizations accredited as providers of social services with activities in the field of child protection, recognized organizations and cults, and other entities eligible for European funding, will be able to initiate and manage projects to assist children using European, local, or national funds.

    "150 million euros in European funds will be able to reach children whose parents have gone to work abroad - the draft law has been approved by Parliament! It is an initiative that I started with other colleagues because there are tens of thousands of children in Romania, potentially up to 150,000, whose parents have gone to work abroad. They require genuine assistance when their parents are not there. As a result of this law, public institutions, schools, hospitals, NGOs, and religious cults can now receive European funds and implement particular programs for these children. Starting this autumn, we will be able to assist at least 20,000 children," Raluca Turcan posted on Facebook on Wednesday.

    Turcan also discussed the dangers that children are at risk to face when their parents leave. "Children left at home after their parents have gone to work abroad, without affection and supervision, are exposed to several risks, such as dropping out of school, self-isolation, emotional and behavioral disorders, the risk of getting sick, the risk of entering a negative environment (use of drugs, alcohol, etc.")," explained the PNL deputy.

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    She went on to say that during her tenure as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour, she and the Minister of European Funds, Marcel Boloş, supported special programs to help children, including those whose parents worked abroad.

    "Several million euros from European funds have already been directed to several non-governmental organizations. Through these projects, the children will benefit from educational services, psychological support, after-school programs, vocational counseling, supplies and clothes for school, and other types of projects to help them integrate in school and in the community. It's a crucial investment in the Romania of tomorrow, in children with an increased risk of dropping out of school, psychological disorders, and diseases," added Turcan.

    The Chamber of Deputies adopted the draft law as the decision-making body, and thus, the law goes to promulgation.



    Diana Livesay

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