• 6 Children Intoxicated With Antibiotics In Romania

    July 2, 2023
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    The doctors who saved the children. Source

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    6 siblings were rushed to the hospital in Bucharest after a severe intoxication with antibiotics. 3 of them were air-lifted by an emergency helicopter. Parents blame the doctor for using the word “tablet” instead of “pill”.

    The six children, five girls and one boy, ages 5 to 16, are currently admitted to Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital's toxicology department in stable condition. They are being treated with an antidote for the enormous amount of medication that their mother unintentionally administered. The children were given 30 tablets from their tuberculosis preventative treatment in one day. In excessive doses, the active substance, Isoniazid, can induce neurological disorders, seizures, metabolic disorders with hepatic and renal impairment, and death if quick action is not taken.

    The quick action of SMURD doctors saved the lives of the six children. Three of them, who were in serious condition, were swiftly transferred to the care of specialist doctors after being flown by helicopter from the village of Drăgălina to Bucharest. SMURD ambulances took the other three siblings from their home.

    The children had come into contact with a tuberculosis patient before starting their preventive treatment. Because the assistant in charge of administering the medication was absent for several days, the mother received the treatment regimen at home for six days.

    She did not comprehend how to properly administer the treatment, and instead of giving them 3 tablets per child based on body weight, she assumed she needed to give them three blister packs totaling approximately 30 tablets to each child.

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    "What do you understand by three tablets? Three blister packs. We don't understand, we don't have more than 8 years of schooling, we don't know. We know that three tablets mean three blister packs. Now we understand that three tablets are three individual pills," said the mother.

    Prosecutors have taken official notice and launched a criminal inquiry for physical harm caused by negligence.

    Functional illiteracy is a cause for concern.

    Functional illiteracy is a big challenge in Romania, affecting all elements of people's lives as well as the country's overall growth. The inability of individuals to use their reading, writing, and numeracy skills effectively in ordinary life circumstances is referred to as functional illiteracy.

    Despite efforts to raise education and literacy rates in Romania, a significant percentage of the population remains functionally illiterate. A large percentage of adults, according to numerous studies and publications, lack essential reading and writing skills, reducing their ability to fully participate in society, access career opportunities, and engage in critical thinking.



    Diana Livesay

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