• Vučić Claims Planned Ukrainian Offensive Against Russia Linked To Attacks On Serbs In Kosovo

    July 2, 2023
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    Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, via his official website

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    Speaking on Serbian television, President Aleksandar Vučić said that he expects Ukrainian forces to launch a new attack on Russian positions in Donbas in the coming days and that as part of the counteroffensive, he expects authorities in Prishtina to launch an attack on Serbs in Kosovo.

    Vučić claims that the Ukrainians “have formed dozens of brigades that will severely breach the Russian lines.” The Serbian President said that he is not rooting for the success of the Ukrainians but he thinks the offensive will change the course of the war before the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius on 12 July.

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    “When it starts, and I expect it to start tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, in the coming days, then you will see an additional attack on Kosovo and Metohija. Therefore, I ask Serbs to be careful, and anyone who thinks these inhumans can attack them – to hide...” Vučić said. “I am afraid that this terror will become even more fierce, he [the prime minister of the autonomous province of Kosovo, Albin Kurti] imagines himself as Zelensky, a new Greater Albanian leader who will unite all Albanian countries.”

    The situation in northern Kosovo remains extremely tense as Serbian cities in northern Kosovo are under occupation by the authorities in Prishtina who have been engaged in a campaign of intimidation against the Serb population.



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