• Bulgaria's Constitutional Court Will Hear Appeal On Referendum To Preserve The Lev

    July 25, 2023
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    Palace of Justice in Sofia
    Palace of Justice in Sofia via Wikimedia Commons

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    Bulgaria’s Constitutional Court has agreed to hear the appeal over Parliament's refusal to hold a national referendum asking Bulgarians “Do you agree that the Bulgarian lev should be the only official currency in Bulgaria until 2043?” The move by the globalist governing coalition is widely viewed as an attaack on democracy and as a slap in the face of the Bulgarian people by the “U.S. Embassy” government that is currently ruling the country and does not want its citizens to have a voice in the future of their country.

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    Kostadin Kostadinov, the leader of Bulgaria's main opposition party Vazrazhdane, announced the decision on his Telegram channel on Thursday. "The good news from today," Kostadinov wrote, "the Constitutional Court admitted for consideration the appeal of Vazrazhdane against the illegal rejection of the referendum to preserve the Bulgarian lev! It remains only to pronounce, which will take time, but by the end of the summer it will be done. The law and the constitution are on our side! There will be a referendum and we Bulgarians will win it!"

    If the appeal is successful, it will offer the Bulgarian people a say in their own future and it will serve as a referendum on the gloablist agenda of the ruling coalition created by the U.S. Embassy in Sofia.



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