• Vazrazhdane’s Kostadinov: Bulgaria’s New Government “Represents Only The American Ambassador”

    June 30, 2023
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    Kostadin Kostadinov addressing the National Assembly, via Facebook

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    In an important address before the National Assembly in Sofia yesterday, Kostadin Kostadinov, leader of Vazrazhdane, Bulgaria’s main opposition party, gave a dire warning about the political situation in the country:

    “Only a month after the coalition government of PP-DB, DPS, and GERB was elected, it sank with terrible force into its inability to govern the country. The crises and the inadequate domestic and foreign policy are not just out of control, but are deepening and pushing the country towards a deep abyss. The coalition partners, who claim not to be coalition partners, hold a coalition council every Tuesday and are busy haggling with each other over the distribution of portions and positions of power, as well as executing agreed-upon commands from the [U.S.] embassy and [E.U.] embassies. New early parliamentary elections are knocking on the door, the public is waiting to learn when the next portions of recordings of the actions of the ruling politicians, representing treason and espionage in favor of foreign countries, will be released. Parliament still does not have fully functioning committees.

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    In this situation, however, the coalition-assembled government, which claims not to be a coalition, managed to identify the biggest enemy to Bulgaria’s development and prosperity in the form of “Vazrazhdane.” By placing Vazrazhdane in this role, the concerted politicians and embassy ministers, somewhere in the middle of their free fall in terms of their electoral support, created the biggest and most dangerous for themselves – Vazrazhdane. An organization that started its development with a handful of Bulgarians with ideals, currently has united almost half a million of our compatriots in the country and abroad, who do not want any more quackery and globalism to determine their future.

    "The only opposition party in Bulgaria at the moment is Vazrazhdane"

    All these Bulgarians had to listen yesterday to the words of a man who defines himself as an academic in the role of Prime Minister, but speaks like a Nazi Gauleiter, that Vazrazhdane is a neo-Nazi party, that it should be isolated, and that all institutions and other political parties should take measures against it and carry out a punitive-repressive action against Vazrazhdane. But even the neo-Fascism of these people, agreed with the embassy, is quackery, because if in Nazi Germany all parties were banned except for one, then our native neo-Fascists in power decided to repress only one – the one that represents the greatest threat to them. In practice, yesterday the Bulgarian government declared war on a Bulgarian political party, which is unprecedented. It became clear that the only opposition party in Bulgaria at the moment is Vazrazhdane.

    It was interesting that even representatives of opposition parties such as BSP [Bulgarian Socialist Party] got involved, and we heard from them that Vazrazhdane had a pro-Fascist bias. Personally, I find it very interesting when the BSP came to this conclusion because only a few months ago they asked us to defend the Monument to the Soviet Army, which we did with the slogan 'death to Fascism.'

    "We do not recognize this government. It no longer represents anyone, not even its own constituents, it represents only the American ambassador."

    Now is the time to point out that we have from the beginning announced, and have not changed our position, that we do not recognize this government. It no longer represents anyone, not even its own constituents, it represents only the American ambassador. The interesting thing is that at the same time, the institutions are clearly already under control quite quickly, because when we sent a complaint to the prosecutor's office about the acts of treason, revealed when the recording of the meeting of one of the mandate-bearing parties PP was made public, we still have no response from the prosecutor’s office concerning the most serious crime in the Republic.

    Yesterday, we saw how, within just a few hours, the institutions sprang into action, rather obligingly. But this is nothing new for us. In connection with the neo-Fascist statements by the apparently outgoing Prime Minister Denkov, I would like to point out the following: The repression against Vazrazhdane has actually never stopped – it has only intensified in the last three years and ended sadly for the perpetrators and guarantors because, after the beatings of Vazrazhdane protesters in 2020, there are now lawsuits against the bullies. After the constant and unrelenting media campaigns against the representatives of Vazrazhdane and the silencing of us in the mass media, even now, the popularity of our organization is growing, despite or perhaps because of it.

    Because Bulgarian citizens have made a very serious litmus test for themselves on how to accept the news, and when they see that all the television stations are telling them the same bad thing about someone, they understand very well that this is actually good. After the fabricated accusations by the prosecutor's office against representatives of Vazrazhdane, the illegal wiretapping of our entire leadership, and the initiated criminal court cases, the prosecutor's office is now being sued for compensation. After the attempts of DANS and the prosecutor's office in 2020 and 2021 to have Vazrazhdane outlawed by court order, they suffered a complete collapse in court and we won the case. We won because we believe in the laws of the land, we believe in the Constitution and we defend them….

    "It is obvious that some type of Ukrainian scenario is being prepared in our country"

    After exhausting all options for repression against Vazrazhdane, the entire machinery of the executive power and its propaganda apparatus… is now trying to sustain itself precisely by employing the Fascist techniques it claims to be against. This recognizable regime from the past has found a comfortable home in the Council of Ministers, apparently in agreement with the [U.S.] embassy.

    Now is the time for Vazrazhdane to warn once again that it is obvious that some type of Ukrainian scenario is being prepared in our country. It is obvious that provocations will be prepared, we have information about this. It is obvious that someone will try to provoke civil unrest. It is obvious that someone will try to provoke clashes in the country and from this highest tribune, I want to state, warn, and to insist that every single Bulgarian citizen be vigilant enough to not allow the division of our society in the way that happened in Ukraine. Because the Ukrainians paid and continue to pay an extremely cruel price for underestimating the threat to them.

    "Bulgaria is in danger and we are about to lose what we have left as our dearest and last – the Bulgarian land, our Bulgarian Motherland"

    The same threat currently exists in our country. We do not rule out the possibility that someone is deciding at the moment, even preparing such provocative acts, and of course, then looking for scapegoats. We know this thing, we have seen the practice of the American Embassy, which in this regard is rich enough in the years back in time – more than 100 years. That is why we want to call absolutely all Bulgarian citizens, because the law enforcement institutions, as we can see, are already under their control. People, watch out! Bulgaria is in danger and we are about to lose what we have left as our dearest and last – the Bulgarian land, our Bulgarian Motherland. In no case should we allow provocations, and we at Vazrazhdane will do everything necessary to preserve civil order, despite the frantic, pitiful efforts of the rulers to provoke such clashes with their illegal behavior.

    ‘The Fascist shouts: Behold the Fascist.’

    But the neo-Fascists in power have achieved nothing so far against us, shouting that Vazrazhdane is a neo-Fascist party. I see in practice confirmation of the old adage ‘The thief calls out: Stop thief!’ Only in this case we see ‘The Fascist shouts: Behold the Fascist.’ They will not be able to stop or scare us even now, no matter how much they call for us to be repressed by the entire state apparatus and to be wiped out. When I said banned, in this line of thought, it is correct that each of the political parties in parliament and outside parliament should clearly and categorically state its opinion: does it think that Fascist techniques like these are appropriate and should be tolerated in a supposedly democratic country?

    Although I repeat that we have already gone through this battle in 2020-21, so realistically this is nothing new for us. It is new for society, because there is talk of banning a parliamentary force representing hundreds of thousands of Bulgarian citizens. In practice, the Bulgarian government wants to create political segregation, which is prohibited by the Constitution, and that is why we call once again on the rulers: let’s meet in the court of justice. I know you have no arguments, we know you have no arguments, and therefore you resort to force, because force and violence are always a sign of powerlessness.

    "The new Fascists will soon go down in history with the old Fascists"

    Three years ago, a government of GERB and the so-called ‘patriots’ failed, and the current one will not succeed either. Because in the end there is no difference between the GERB government, which repressed Vazrazhdane, and the PP government, with the support of DPS and GERB, which is now repressing Vazrazhdane. This is the same thing that we have not stopped fighting against, protecting the eternal Bulgarian renaissance values of our people, and we will not stop fighting for independence, freedom, justice and development of our Motherland. Because of all these Bulgarians who support us, expect this from us. We must fight this fight, we must win and we will win, and the new Fascists will soon go down in history with the old Fascists, where they belong.”



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