• Bulgaria’s Globalist Government Declares War On Political Opposition

    June 29, 2023
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    Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov, via Facebook

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    The new so-called “U.S. Embassy” government of Bulgaria has begun attacking the main political opposition party in the country in an attempt to stifle any dissent from the globalist agenda of Washington and Brussels. The new globalist prime minister Nicolay Denkov warned of “the constant activation of aggression” by the patriotic Vazrazhdane party, calling its opposition to the new government and its globalist agenda “inadmissible,” and threatening to outlaw the leading opposition party in the country.

    Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov said that the government has declared war on his party, but that they will not give in to globalist provocations. “What the government did today is no less a call to break the law. We can only welcome these efforts of the Bulgarian government. Let's meet in the field of justice! We know that you have no arguments, and therefore you resort to force. Because force and violence are always a sign of powerlessness,” Kostadinov said adding that Vazrazhdane representatives have received threats of “physical removal” from the National Assembly.

    “According to Bulgarian Prime Minister Denkov, Vazrazhdane is the only opposition in our country,” Kostadinov said, adding that his party alone opposes attempts “to drag Bulgaria into the war in Ukraine, to turn Bulgaria into a territory from which military action against Russia is being deployed and to degrade Bulgaria to such an extent that soon we Bulgarians will have no part in political decision-making about our own future.”

    Kostadinov characterized the new government’s policies as “a restoration of neo-fascism, a restoration of fascism in all its forms – banning of parties, banning of media, totalitarianism, dictatorship, a single point of view.”

    “At the moment in our country Vazrazhdane is gradually becoming the leading political force,” Kostadinov said, adding that the Bulgarian government, “which represents the interests not of the Bulgarian people but of the American embassy, is disturbed by this fact and has therefore started talking about unprecedented measures to close down our party.” He equated the situation with the actions of the United States in Ukraine ten years ago, “when they literally blew up the country,” speculating that “the US embassy and the Bulgarian government want to make Bulgaria a second Ukraine.”

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    The Vazrazhdane leader said that his party does not recognize the legitimacy of the new government formed by  Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria, Movement for Rights and Freedoms, and GERB-UDF, which are “busy haggling among themselves on the distribution of portions and positions of power, as well as in the implementation of the agreed commands from the embassy and embassies.”

    Kostadinov later posted about the government’s threats on Facebook, “Today, the American colonial regime came out with a special position for ‘Renaissance,’ agreed with the embassy. Three things became clear:

    1. The only opposition in Bulgaria is ‘Renaissance,’ and since it is on the verge of becoming the premier political force, the U.S. regime wants to ban it. Thus, the ruling neo-fascists confidently follow the footsteps of their fascist predecessors.

    2. Renaissance does not recognize this government as it is illegitimate. I remind you that we issued a signal at the Prosecutor’s Office because of the data submitted about the leaders of PP-DB committed a crime of ‘treason.’ The government in practice represents only and solely the U.S. ambassador.

    3. Obviously, the American regime in our homeland has been following the footsteps of the Ukrainian scenario 10 years ago, aiming to turn Bulgaria into a second Ukraine. The ruling neo-fascists will not hesitate even to start a civil war in our country – that’s why they were appointed embassy ministers.”



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