• Britain Backs Zelensky’s Brutal Oppression Of Ukrainian Orthodox Church

    July 27, 2023
    Bishop Gedeon of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, public domain

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    Great Britain, current chair of the U.N. Security Council, blocked the testimony of Bishop Gedeon, a representative of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), who had been invited to testify about the Zelensky regime’s brutal oppression of religious freedom in Ukraine.

    “Britain’s move to block Bishop Gedeon from testifying before the U.N. Security Council about the persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church by Kiev was scandalous and shameful. Today is a historic and extremely sad moment both for the UN Security Council and the global community in general – the participation of a UOC representative in our session has been blocked. Thus, Western delegations have openly sided with the Kiev regime’s repressive policy against canonical Orthodoxy,”  Dmitry Polyanskiy, Russia’s deputy head of mission to the U.N. told the media. “They were afraid of this man, they were afraid of the facts that he could cite, of his own personal experience of persecution by Ukrainian authorities..."

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    Bishop Gedeon has brought to light horrific abuses by Zelensky regime such as a case where Ukrainian Nazis from the Azov Battalion forced an Orthodox priest to dig his own grave with a spoon in Donbass before executing him. The Zelensky regime previously stripped him of his Ukrainian citizenship. The Bishop said, “When God wants to punish a man, he takes away his mind. And in the West, Ukraine right now there is nothing short of general psychosis. I mean the politicians who make the decisions. This is what prevents them from hearing and accepting what is happening.”

    Polyansky pointed out the hypocrisy of the U.K.’s position as one of the authors of the Security Council resolution on human fraternity and religious tolerance. “Your decision to block the participation of an Orthodox priest using the exclusive right of a chairman of the Security Council is a vivid illustration of how London actually treats all of these lofty ideals and how easily it can relinquish them for the sake of petty venal attempts to spite Russia.” The diplomat concluded.



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    I notice no one bothered to get a statement about this "brutal oppression" from Metropolitan Onouphriy about this. Gee, I wonder why?

    BB Brown

    Christians are being attacked, brutalized and murdered all over the world and the media is silent. There are two sides to every story and it appears that Russia isn't the only bad guy in this debacle.


    3rd secret of Fatima: (simply didn't make ANY sense during the cold war)

    It's the restored eastern orthodox Christian church (NO deleted Bible chapters, and they have THE OLDEST physical Bible in existence) that CHASES DOWN old babylon, and PHYSICALLY KILLS IT!

    In DC/London/Brussels/Rome/Tel-Aviv/Riyadh.
    It's not called the Apocalypse of the Revelations, for nothing.

    Pope John Paul II turned white as a sheet as the "demons" were revealed to him in detail.


    The "nose" crowd isn't too hot on evangelical Christians and IS the source of worldwide persecution at this time. Zman is "proudly" jewish.

    Jerry Mander

    You notice it's the Russians who are the only ones upset about this? Dug his grave with a spoon? Oh please, come on. OF COURSE the Russians want to vilify Zelensky, and they don't care what crazy lies they tell. Good on the GB reps for refusing to allow that propagandist to spew his lies. Never give those people a platform or an audience.


    Zelensky villifies himself. If you have not seen how he persecutes Christians then you are drinking too much of their koolaid.

    Alej Marcos

    No surprise . . . Britain is half Muslim by now.


    It's not Britain. It's the West's money manipulators. The Ukranian War is a war between the Yiddish of the "Pale of Settlement" (Soros, Zelensky, etc.) versus the Russian Orthodox. It's been going on for centuries.


    The "Sleeping Prophet" Edgar Cayce said the Russia would be the "Savior of Christianity.

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