• Thousands Protest In Support Of Dodik And Republika Srpska

    September 3, 2023
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    Protests in Republika Srpska, via X (formely Twitter)

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    Over 12,000 people turned out on Friday in four locations along the border of Republika Srpska to protest in support of Milorad Dodik and the territorial integrity of the country against globalist attacks on the Serb entity that presently forms part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Commenting on the peaceful protests, Dodik told reporters, “At the protests, the citizens showed their strength and will to defend Republika Srpska, and I am very proud.”

    For his efforts to uphold democracy and to defend the integrity of Republika Srpska, Dodik is facing legal fare challenges. The Prosecutor’s office in Sarajevo had filed a criminal indictment of the President because he signed a law passed by the democratically-elected National Assembly nullifying decrees by the colonial administrator Christian Schmidt.

    Schmidt allegedly functions as High Representative in the country and wields dictatorial powers allowing him to overturn any decisions by democratically-elected officials. Schmidt, however, was not appointed in accordance with the terms of the Dayton Agreement which requires that the High Representative be confirmed by the U.N. Security Council, something which did not happen in the case of Schmidt.

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    The globalist forces that Schmidt represents are also trying to deny the territorial division of Bosnia enshrined in the Dayton Agreement. “I want to say that there is a border, not an administrative line,” Dodik told reporters. “It is clearly written in the Dayton Peace Agreement. There is a demarcation. That is my answer to what we heard from Sarajevo today ”

    “If politicians from Sarajevo can accept that a foreigner comes and imposes laws outside the Constitution, then they do not respect the country in which they live. We do not accept that,” the President of Republika Srpska added, emphasizing that there is dualism in Sarajevo.

    Addressing the support shown for Russia and its President Vladimir Putin at the protests, Ljubisa Cosic, another Bosnia Serb official, told the Associated Press, “We were always on the side of freedom. So our connection to the Russian Federation and Russian people is great.” Protestors said that they want to show the Court and Prosecutors office in Sarajevo, and the OHR, to show that THERE IS a border in Bosnia.



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