• Thousands Protest In Sofia Demanding Resignation Of “U.S. Embassy” Government And An End To Involvement In Ukraine

    September 8, 2023
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    Bulgarians Protest U.S. Interference in the Country's Government, via Twitter

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    Thousands rallied in Sofia on Thursday to protest the anti-democratic policies of the “U.S. Embassy-installed regime in Bulgaria, demanding the resignation of the government and calling for an end to the U.S. military presence in the country and support for the war in Ukraine.

    The protest took place in front of the Council of Ministers building and in front of the new building of the National Assembly, which formerly was the headquarters of the Communist Party. The protest was organized by citizen groups and supported by opposition parties from the right and left, including Vazrazhdane, Bulgaria’s main opposition party.

    On his Telegram account, Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov summed up the reasons for the protest:

    “Immediate RESIGNATION of the Denkov-Gabriel cabinet, due to the incompetence and lack of management capacity and the anti-Bulgarian and anti-social policies to the detriment of the Bulgarian state and people!

     The immediate dissolution of the 49th National Assembly!

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     To preserve March 3rd, the date on which the citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria celebrate their National Holiday!

     For conducting the referendum, having collected the necessary signatures in defense of the Bulgarian lev and its preservation as a national currency until Bulgaria is ready to accept the euro as a payment unit, without having a negative impact on its economy and Bulgarian citizens!

     To preserve the National symbols and monuments related to Bulgarian history, identity, sovereignty and culture!

    Vazrazhdane is not the organizer of the protest, but we support it.”

    The protestors were particularly upset about the Government’s support for sending military aid to Ukraine, something that an overwhelming number of Bulgarian citizens oppose. Protesters chanted “NATO get out!” “Zelensky is a Killer!” and called for an end to the American military presence in Bulgaria.

    Professor Nako Stefanov, of the Bulgarian National Council for Peace, one of the organizers of the protests, stated that the U.S. is using the same methods in Bulgaria as they did in Ukraine and that they want to eradicate everything Russian. “Recently, calls were made to the actions of pro-American parties to start a civil war and start the Bulgarian Maidan, but not a single relevant department reacted. Bulgarians do not feel safe in their own country, where all decisions come from the US Embassy in Sofia, regardless of the opinion of the people.”



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    Galfon Gadulka

    Another crap in the news. RUSSIAN fags

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