• Democracy Dies In Bulgaria As New “U.S. Embassy” Government Illegally Blocks Referendum On Eurozone

    July 9, 2023
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    Bulgaria's National Assembly in Sofia, via Wikimedia Commons

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    The new Bulgarian government, under the control of American globalist interests, thumbed its nose at its own people on Friday by refusing to schedule a referendum aimed at maintaining the Bulgarian Lev as the country’s national currency through 2043. The move directly violates Bulgaria’s Constitution that specifies a referendum must be held on an issue when at least 400,000 valid signatures requesting such a vote are registered. Globalist Bulgarian leaders showed their utter disdain for democracy in moving to deny the Bulgarian people a voice on this important issue after the required signatures were officially validated.

    To justify their subversion of democracy, the parties involved in the ruling coalition argued that the question “Do you agree that the Bulgarian lev should be the only official currency in Bulgaria until 2043?” was not legally formulated as it contravenes ratified international treaties, thereby making it invalid. Of course, this is utterly false as nowhere in existing international treaties does it specify that Bulgaria must join the Eurozone before 2043. What they fear most, of course, is allowing the Bulgarian people to have a voice in their own future.

    The parties comprising the ruling coalition joined together in the National Assembly on Friday to reject, by a vote of 68 in favor and 98 against, with 46 abstentions, the proposal by the leading opposition party Vazrazhdane to hold a national referendum on joining the Eurozone. The abstentions came from representatives of GERB who could not bring themselves to join in this move to destroy Bulgarian democracy but at the same time did not have the courage to defy their party leaders and the U.S. Embassy and vote to schedule the referendum.

    At a briefing in the National Assembly, Kostadin Kostadinov, leader of Vazrazhdane, told journalists that his party will appeal to the Constitutional Court. “Every decision must have reasons. The decision was to reject the proposal of Vazrazhdane. They told us, ‘You are breaking the law with your question, as it says that subjects related to international treaties that have entered into force cannot be put to public opinion polls.’ We then asked the following question – exactly which international treaty have we violated and which article of it, because, after all, this thing must be written in the reasons. We didn't get an answer,” Kostadinov told reporters, exposing the falsity of the claims of the ruling coalition.

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    Kostadinov also raised concerns that the current government uses Fascist methods to impose its foreign agenda on the Bulgarian people. He drew a historical parallel to moments in history that are being repeated today. Moments in which the freedom of speech of people’s representatives was restricted He added that the ruling U.S. Embassy regime intends to ban the elections as well.

    Kostadinov vowed that his party will continue to fight for the preservation of the Bulgarian Lev. Apart from filing an appeal with the Constitutional Court and a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office, they are also requesting that President Rumen Radev intervene on the matter. 

    “The final decision is now in the hands of the President, who is obliged to consider the law and the decision of the Constitutional Court and call for a referendum. I believe that Radev, unlike the rulers, will obey the law, as he always has done so far,” Kostadinov posted on Facebook.

    “There will be a referendum to save the left and we Bulgarians will win it!” he added confidently.



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    Blake Davis

    As an American I am ashamed of what my government is doing. But what would one expect from a Biden after he or those controlling him stole an election from Trump

    - if Trump had not had the Presidency stolen from him and was allowed to take office there would be no war in Ukraine nor would the US be interfering in Bulgaria!

    Biden manipulated Russia into the war with Ukraine because only Russia has stood up to the Democrats.

    Also who else but Russia will save Europe?

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