• Vučić Calls Out The Hypocrisy Of The West, Saying They Abandoned Principles They Claim Protect The World

    September 23, 2023
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    Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, via his official website

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    Addressing the UN General Assembly on Thursday, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić chastised the West for hypocrisy, claiming “They abandoned the principles that today, they say, protect the world.”

    Referring to the decision by many Western nations to recognize Kosovo as an independent state, the Serbian President said, “Practically all Western powers grossly violated Resolution No. 1244 of the UN Charter, which was adopted by this very organization…. This happened 15 years ago, which was unprecedented in history . The 19 most powerful countries made a decision without the involvement of the UN Security Council. Again, without the decision of the UN Security Council, to brutally attack and punish a sovereign European country. As they said to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. And yet they were outraged when the Russian president with the same used the phrases to justify the attack on Ukraine. They forgot that they themselves used the same words at the time.”

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    Vučić said that Serbia is still under attack, “The attempt to break up my country, started formally in 2008 with the unilateral declaration of the independence of Kosovo and Metohija is still ongoing. The trampling of the UN Charter in Serbia’s case was one of the visible precurors of the many problems we are facing today, surpassing the borders of my country or the region I come from.”

    Vučić emphasized that Serbia respects the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all UN member states so it is difficult to understand why some do not respect Serbia’s right to territorial integrity. “By safeguarding our borders you are safeguarding yours,” Vucic told UN members, adding that those who committed aggression against Serbia are now lecturing the world about the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

    The Serbian President added that 70 percent of the Kosovo Serbs were forced to leave their homes because of these decision and that there are 300,000 more Albanians in Kosovo than at any time in history.



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