• Elections In Slovakia Are A Rejection Of West’s Ukraine Narrative

    October 4, 2023
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    Incoming Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, via Wikimedia Commons

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    Former Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico’s left-wing populist party Smer [Direction] claimed victory in this weekend’s elections in Slovakia, revealing the East European nation’s rejection of the West’s Ukraine narrative. Fico campaigned on ending military support for Ukraine and focusing on problems that affect his nation’s citizens such as inflation and out-of-control energy costs. His victory is widely seen as a rejection of the West's Ukraine narrative.

    Smer received 23 percent of the total vote and will now attempt to form a coalition government with the right-wing Slovak National Party and Hlas [Voice], which finished third with 15 percent. The coalition would give Fico a slim majority in parliament.

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    Fico promised Slovak voters that no more weapons to Ukraine. His campaign slogan “Not a single round,” for Ukraine resonated with a war-weary electorate. Fico has also criticized the  EU’s sanctions against Russia.

    During a press conference on Monday following his electoral, Fico reiterated that his promises would be kept. “We are not changing that we are prepared to help Ukraine in a humanitarian way… We are prepared to help the reconstruction of the state but you know our opinion on arming Ukraine,” he told the media.

    The once and future Prime Minister of Slovakia said that his country has more important issues beyond the war to deal with, including a spike in energy prices and the cost of living.



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    Galfon Gadulka

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