• Vazrazhdane Warns Of Potential For Massive Voter Fraud In Bulgaria's Upcoming Elections, Urges Voters To Opt For Paper Ballots

    October 23, 2023
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    With local elections scheduled for Sunday, October 29, in Bulgaria, there are fears that voting machines are being manipulated by the country’s Central Election Commission to change the election results. The vote will be the first chance for Bulgarian voters to express their voice about the new globalist government that was formed at the behest of the U.S. Embassy in the summer.

    The new government has pursued anti-democratic policies such as canceling a referendum on the adoption of the Euro and persecuting Christian leaders. The government has imposed policies such as announcing plans to close large segments of Bulgaria’s energy sector at the behest of the EU, which has led to massive civil unrest in the country. The new globalist rulers have also provided military support for Ukraine on instructions from Washington, a move opposed by 70% of the country’s population which opposes Bulgaria’s involvement in the conflict.

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    Kostadin Kostadinov, leader of Bulgaria’s main opposition party, Vazrazhdane, warned of possible election fraud on his Telegram account. On Monday, he posted, “CEC PREPARING FORGERY OF THE ELECTIONS. I am calling for a mass paper vote on Sunday 10/29/2023. When the machine voting is in the hands of the "hello fraudsters" and charlatans from PPDB, in combination with GERB, we are obliged to vote by paper. Share this post to reach more people!”

    Bulgarian voters do have the option to vote by machine or to request a paper ballot.



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    Galfon Gadulka

    You hit another very very deeep hole!!! Seems you have no idea who those morons are! This is the ONLY NAZZZI party in my fucking country. And you use those idiots for propaganda. Goooood for you. Keep it going. IDIOTS 🙂

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