• Orbán Warns EU Migration Plan Will Lead To Acts Of Terrorism, Crime, And Gaza-Style Mini-Ghettoes

    November 12, 2023
    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, via his official website

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    During his weekly radio address to the nation on Radio Kossuth on Friday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán explained why he is uncompromising on the issue of migration in defiance of the globalists running the European Union. He said that once migrants were allowed in, they “can’t be made to leave anymore. This means that our children, grandchildren and several generations after them will live their lives in a world which will not be nice, which will be uncertain, which will be full of acts of terrorism, crime, Gaza-style mini-ghettoes.” Orbán said we can prevent this by acting now.

    The Prime Minister called for broad national unity on the issue of migration, stressing that migrants must not be let into the country. “On the issue of migration, we must have very broad national unity which lays down that we have all the experiences before our eyes; there is only one remedy,” Orbán declared, “we mustn’t let them in because letting illegal migrants in, accepting their stay in Hungary will lead to the outcome that we won’t be able to live in security, calm, welfare and peace in Hungary either.”

    Orbán also called for change in Brussels. The Prime Minister said Hungary is asking for only one thing: that Brussels not to force upon it a policy that has destroyed the western Member States, “we don’t want mini-Gazas in the districts of Budapest, terrorist attacks and gang warfare…. Hungary only asks for one thing: that they tolerate that Hungary does things differently. This is our country, this is our business.”

    Orbán also had harsh words for the European Union. The Prime Minister said that the EU “had been established to have peace and welfare in Europe. By contrast, today, there are wars and unrest, and in the big race of the world’s major economic blocs – China, Asia, the United States – we are falling behind. We have a historical argument for why we need a change in Brussels under any circumstances.”

    “The leadership that is in Brussels at present is executing the orders of a globalist elite,” Orbán said, adding that “they are not our people…. People do not want migration, war and unrest; they want a carefully planned green transition, rather than one that destroys their industry.”

    He reiterated that the leadership in Brussels leadership has been hijacked by a globalist elite, financial groups, major economic power groups, and that their decisions were being motivated by the interests of those groups, rather than the interests of the Hungarian, German, French or Italian people. 

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    The Prime Minister said Hungary must achieve a change not in the EU “because we are the EU, but in the realm of the Brussels bureaucrats so that they finally do what is in the European people’s best interests.”

    As for the situation in Ukraine, Orbán said that an agreement had been reached in Istanbul which – “so we hear from rumours in diplomatic circles” – the Ukrainians had refused to sign upon orders from the Americans. He said that since “the Americans entered this game, we have pursued the direction of extension, rather than isolation, and so the conflict is becoming globalized. This is not in the best interests of either Hungary or Europe.”

    Orbán emphasized that the Russo-Ukrainian war was destroying Europe, “what we are doing at present is untenable, we must not continue to pursue this line of action. This is why Hungary did not support the idea of sending weapons, and also now, it is not supporting the idea of sending the money of Hungarian taxpayers to Ukraine.”



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    michael savell

    I believe Orban is right.Nobody seems to recall the islamic dignitaries clamoring for their
    young men to make homes in Europe and to have sex with all the european women they could.This was back in 2009.At that time a home office whistleblower working for Theresa May said that there were something like 40 million north africans waiting to come across

    Galfon Gadulka

    Orban is the MOST CORRUPTED politician in EU. Strips all the time money from EU, but it is against it. Typical COMMIE

    John Acord

    Very seldom do you hear leaders speak with the common sense of Victor Orban.The Hungarian people are blessed to have him as their leader.

    Galfon Gadulka

    This guy is CORRUPT JERK. Disgusting person. CORRUPT CORRUPT CORRUPT. You can have him in your fucked up mrica

    Galfon Gadulka

    The most corrupt politician in EU. Disgusting jerk. Absolute looser. All the time he asks EU for money, at the same time all the time he is against EU. So, hit the road Jerk and go to russia moron

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