• Kostadinov Warns Bulgaria Will Become “The Largest Refugee Camp In The World”

    January 4, 2024
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    Kostadin Kostadinov, leader of Bulgaria's main opposition party Vazrazhdane, via Facebook

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    Bulgaria’s main opposition leader, Kostadin Kostadinov, leader of the patriotic anti-globalist party Vazrazhdane, rasied concerns over the agreement concluded by Bulgaria’s globalist government to gain partial admittance into Schengen. In a post on his official Telegram account, the Bulgarian patriot issued a dire warning that his country is in danger of becoming “the world’s largest refugee camp.”

    As a result of the deal brokered over the holidays by globalist forces in Bulgaria and Romania, the two countries agreed to accept illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East into their respective countries. The illegals are mainly Muslim immigrants whom Austria and Germany no longer want to host in their own countries.

    Kostadinov posted on his official Telegram account, “Currently, Bulgaria is already in third place in terms of asylum applications submitted by illegal emigrants. With the conditions for entering Schengen accepted by our government, in a matter of months we will become the first country in the EU, which will make us the largest refugee camp in the world. And considering the small and constantly decreasing population of the country, it will also lead to a rapid and irreversible replacement of the population of Bulgaria.”

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    “Did I say Bulgaria? With our entry into Schengen, within ten years the Bulgarian state will neither be Bulgarian nor be a state,” Kostadinov warned. “This is what the government appointed to us by the American ambassador is preparing. The only obstacle to the implementation of this plan remains Vazrazhdane!”

    “On June 9, there are elections for the European Parliament. If we win this election, together with our allies in other European countries, we will abolish this policy, extradite illegal immigrants, and stop the entry of any people criminally across our border,” Kostadinov concluded.



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    Galphon Gadulka

    This guy is a COMMUNIST. COMMUNIST. And you are mrican JERKS

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