• Hungary Works To Secure Elections Against Foreign Interference

    January 7, 2024
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    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, via his official website

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    During a comprehensive press conference held in Budapest on Thursday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán discussed measures his government is taking to secure Hungarian elections against foreign interference. He discussed the new Sovereignty Protection Law, saying its goal is to improve transparency and public awareness.

    Orbán said that when Fidesz was founded, he fought against the communists using the power of public awareness and that now he believes that they must fight using the same methods against powerful foreign forces that want to exert influence in Hungary.

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    When asked if the legislation will affect the media, the Prime Minister said certain people keep talking about fears of some kind, but he has a different approach, he does not live in a world of self-generated fears but instead relies on facts.

    Orbán said it is a well-known fact that during the last parliamentary elections in Hungary several million dollars in funds came from outside the country in an attempt to influence the outcome of the elections, something that leftists admitted to. “This is not about the media, it is about this problem,” he indicated, adding that “the sovereignty protection legislation seeks to close the loopholes to such attempts at influence.”

    The Prime Minister promised that within a few months, everyone will be able to see how the law works, and if necessary, they will make changes.



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