• Radical Globalist Thugs Desecrate Monuments In Bulgaria

    January 11, 2024
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    Monument to Count Ignatyev, via Telegram

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    The Bulgarian people are experiencing the same type of campaigns to denigrate their history and culture as has been seen in other countries where radical globalist regimes have taken power, including the United States. The latest incident involves the destruction of a monument to Count Nikolay Pavlovich Ignatyev in the coastal city of Varna. Ignatyev, a Russian statesman who helped inspire Bulgaria’s war for independence against the Ottoman Turks, is fondly referred to as Bulgaria’s count.

    Ignatyev is a popular figure in Bulgarian history who helped secure the country’s independence after half a millennium of subjugation by the Ottoman Turks. This is the latest in a series of attacks on monuments and symbols of Bulgaria’s past as the ruling globalist regime in Sofia seeks to wipe out everything unique about the Bulgarian people. The regime came to power in the summer of 2023 after the U.S. Embassy brokered a deal to unite globalist forces in the country to carry out their radical agenda.

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    Reporting the news on his Telegram account, the leader of Bulgaria’s main opposition party, Kostadin Kostadinov warned that the current government will continue the campaign to desecrate Bulgaria’s past. “The monsters from PPDB and their partners from DPS and GERB [Bulgaria’s ruling globalist coalition] are preparing the same thing for the Shipka Freedom Monument. They will start insulting it, someone will scratch it, another will cover it with paint, another will break something, then they will start convincing us on TV how it was controversial, how it was glorifying enemy Russia and one day they will blow it up. They will not dismantle it because it is very difficult, but they will directly demolish it. If it doesn't seem possible to you, remember how many “impossible’ crimes the ruling criminal cabal has committed in just the last few months and think about it.”

    Kostadinov continued, “We will be damned as a people if we allow this desecration of our history and culture to continue! Bulgarians, it's time to get angry! Today they attacked once again Count Ignatiev, fondly called by our people “the Count of the Bulgarians,” tomorrow they will attack Shipka, and finally they will liquidate our country!”



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    So sad to see this. I was born in Bulgaria but have lived abroad for decades... they are doing this in every white country. The war against whites is primarily funded by wealthy and powerful kabbalist/occultists and their Jew financiers. And it is happening in every white nation. Whites are already a global minority amid a sea of different shades of brown, but the parasites are threatened by, and jealous of white people... because we create amazing civilizations... they only know how to destroy.

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