• Cornelia Ninova, Bulgarian Socialist Party Leader Warns We Accepted Unlimited Migrants In Exchange For Partial Schengen

    January 12, 2024
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    Bulgarian Socialist Leader Cornelia Ninova with President Rumen Radev, via Facebook

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    The leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, heir to the former Communis Party that ruled the country up to 1989, Cornelia Ninova warned, “Bulgaria has agreed to accept an unlimited number of migrants in exchange for partial Schengen. This is what the BSP leader Cornelia Ninova warned at a briefing, referring to a protocol to the agreement on our Schengen membership.

    “It is written in the agreement that we have no right to an opinion on the number of refugees who will be returned to us.” Ninova recalled. She added that the agreement violates an earlier decision by the National Assembly not to sign bilateral agreements for the reception of migrants.

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    Ninova said that “the partial Schengen is a failure for the authorities, especially since it is not clear when we will enter by land. We should not be seen as second-class people,” insisting that the government had deviated from the national interest by agreeing to partial accession.

    “The government lied to the Bulgarian people,” Ninova declared.

    The Socialist leader’s view echo those of Kostadin Kostadinov, leader of Bulgaria’s main opposition party, Vazrazhdane. Kostadinov warned that “In exchange for air and water Schengen, Bulgaria has agreed to take back illegal immigrants who have already passed through its territory on their way to Western Europe, according to the Dublin regulations.”

    Kostadinov declared that Bulgaria will become "the largest refugee camp in the world, in which the Bulgarians will gradually become a minority.”



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