• Biden Administration Continues To Escalate Tensions In The Balkans Selling Javelin Missiles To Kosovo

    January 16, 2024
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    Javelin Missles, via Wikimedia Commons

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    The Biden Administration has approved the sale of hundreds of Javelin anti-tank missiles to Kosovo for an estimated cost of $75 million, in a move designed to increase tensions with Serbia and assert American military might in the region.

    This latest move comes on the heels of its covert support for a coup attempt in Serbia, followed by threats to launch an all-out war against Serbs in Bosnia who are seeking self-determination.

    The government in Kosovo “requested” to purchase 246 Javelin missiles and 24 lightweight command launch units, among other items, according to a statement released by the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

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    Tensions in Kosovo have reached a boiling point as the government in Prishtina has attacked Serb villages in Metohija and northern Kosovo and refused to implement a previously agreed upon Community of Serbian Municipalities.

    Commenting on the Biden Administration’s decision to sell Javelin anti-armor missiles to Kosovo, outgoing Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić said that Belgrade has no intention of going to war, but that “a million Javelin missiles wouldn’t help Kosovo if Belgrade wanted to wage war.”



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