• Romanian Senator Warns Against Using Electronic Texts In The Classroom

    March 1, 2024
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    Romanian Senator Sorin Lavric, via Facebook

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    Romanian Senator Sorin Lavric issued a stern warning against using electronic texts in the classroom at a time when Romania's globalist government is seeking to undermine the country’s educational system by seeking guidance from the so-called “Biden Institute” in Delaware. Lavric, himself a distinguished philosopher, warned of the harm digitization is inflicting on students's ability to learn and called for a return to traditional education.

    The Romanian Senator, a member of the opposition party, the Alliance for the Union of Romanians, pointed to Sweden’s recent decision to return to the use of classic textbooks to replace digital ones. According to Lavric, the digitization of the schools is being done “in an extremely harmful way to the intellect of the students. What is happening today in Swedish education confirms the idea that technology, under the pretext of facilitating the effort of the mind, actually enslaves it.”

    “Sweden's Minister of Education has recently admitted that digital instructional means are having an extremely harmful effect on the intellect of students. Whoever stares at the computer screen to assimilate knowledge of general culture sooner or later ends up in a deplorable state of mental handicap. Such a student will lack abstract thinking, coherence of ideas and the ability to make comparisons,” the Romanian Senator said.

     Sorin Lavric, a leading intellectual, praised Swedish teachers for realizing the negative effects of digitization on teaching and returned to classic textbooks, pen, and blackboard. He said that hopes Romanian teachers will follow their example.

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    “Realizing that digital is killing children’s minds, teachers in Sweden have woken up from their slumber, openly declaring their desire to return to the old educational customs: books, reading, and calligraphy. What’s in your hand doesn’t lie, especially when it smells of pulp, ink, and pencil lead,” Lavric said in a statement.

    The Romanian Senator also warned that “It is not only digital technology that makes children stupid, but also the damned political correctness, because of which the teachers, in the name of maintaining the pride of the students, avoid telling them the truth to their faces. And in this way it perpetuates a value counterselection. You must tell the illiterate frankly that he is illiterate, because otherwise your value rank is in tatters. Sweden’s model deserves to be followed by our teachers. Otherwise, it is superfluous to complain about how precarious the Romanian education is.”



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