• Orbán: Hungary Must Redefine Its Position In NATO

    May 25, 2024
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    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, via his official website

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    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said, “What is happening in Brussels and Washington today – perhaps more so in Brussels than in Washington – is a kind of attunement to a possible direct military conflict. We can call it a series of preparations for Europe’s entry into war.” He stated unequivocally that Hungary will not follow this pro-war policy and that, as a result, his country must redefine its position within NATO, which was intended as a defensive alliance.

    During his weekly appearance on Kossuth Radio’s ‘Good Morning Hungary’ program, Orbán, a keen student of history, said that the cause of most wars is weakness. If a country believes that another country whose territory and economy it is after is unable to protect itself, that country may find itself overcome by instincts and desires to obtain that other country’s territory and economic resources for itself, he explained. There is only one remedy against this, the country in danger of being victimized must be strong enough to protect itself, and so strength – an army – is essential to avoid war. Orbán added that this is why they say that if you want peace, you must prepare for war; however, not in order to wage a war, but “to maintain peace.”

    When asked if Russia would stop once it had defeated Ukraine, Orbán said, “I don’t think it’s a logical assumption that Russia – that is not even able to get the better of Ukraine – would come along all of a sudden and devour the entire western world,” adding that the chances of anyone daring to attack a NATO member state are extremely slim.

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    “How much longer will we do this, how much more weaponry and how much more money will we send?” Orbán asked. “This will slowly lead to a clash between NATO, the European Union and Russia, the latter being a nuclear power,” adding that this raises “the darkest visions.” 

    The Prime Minister stated that Hungary is in an extremely difficult situation, “we are the country that insists on adhering to the NATO treaty and the public consensus defining NATO’s mission. NATO is a defensive alliance that was established in order to ensure that should any one of its members be attacked, the rest will rush to its aid. There is nothing in the treaty about NATO conducting military operations outside its territory or engaging in a war with countries outside the alliance. At the same time, everyone seems to be looking toward some other future, and today there is military planning under way in Brussels. There are teams working hard to figure out how NATO could take part in the Russo-Ukrainian war.

    Orbán warned that “we are there in all these committees as a member of NATO, but we disapprove of their actions. We do not want to take part in the conflict with either financial or military support, not even under the auspices of NATO.” He said that a new term has been invented within NATO to describe the Hungarian position; it is called ‘non-participant.’ He added that Hungary has not yet opted out because if it did, its involvement in NATO’s military structure would change.

    Prime Minister Orbán said that Hungary must therefore re-define its position within the military alliance. He indicated that strenuous efforts were being made to determine how Hungary could exist as a NATO member without taking part in NATO operations outside the territory of the military alliance. He said that Hungarian diplomacy must find a solution to this. 

    George Soros is a war profiteer

    Orbán also pointed out that war caused not only suffering, but also generated profits for the war industry and weapons traders. Those who have insider information about the war, who rather than manufacturing weapons, speculate – meaning venture capital speculators – are also behind the pro-war forces, and in this George Soros also “excels,” he indicated. There are politicians who can be bought such as members of the Hungarian Left who receive money from the West – coming from pro-war money people – in every election campaign, adding that it is no wonder that the Hungarian Left – contrary to the will of left-wing voters – is pro-war.



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