• Zelensky Is Now Officially A Dictator

    May 29, 2024
    Ukrainian Dictator Volodomir Zelensky, via Wikimedia Commons

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    Despite all of the hype about fighting for freedom and democracy, by cancelling presidential elections and assuming power beyond his legal term, which expired on May 20, 2024, Ukrainian strongman Volodomir Zelensky is now officially a dictator. He had already displayed his dictatorial instincts by outlawing opposition parties, arresting or exiling political opponents, shutting down opposition media, closing churches and imprisoning clergy, among many other things, but when he cancelled elections and remained in power after the expiration of his term the last façade of democratic window dressing vanished.

    The Western mainstream media, which has served as nothing more than propaganda outlets for the regime in Kiev since the start of the conflict with Russia, quickly came to Zelensky’s aid, claiming that the move is justified by the military situation. But is continuing to send young Ukrainian men to their slaughter without a democratic mandate to continue a war that is destroying the country in the interests of a globalist war machine justified? It is quickly forgotten that even in the midst of the American Civil War, a conflict at least as bloody as the war in Ukraine, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln held democratic elections even though he feared the result might undermine his goal of maintaining the Union.

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    What is clear is that with the cancellation of elections, Zelensky proved to the world that Ukraine is not a democracy and that he has no desire to serve the interests of his people. If American politicians who continue to funnel tax payer dollars to the money-laundering operation run by the Ukrainian dictator start to tell you about the need to defend democracy, remind them of how a truly democratic president handled a very similar situation 160 years ago this year. Despite an existential crisis, Lincoln enshrined democratic values in the United States. In a similar situation, Zelensky chose to make dictatorship and authoritarianism the legacy for his country.



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    Galphon Gadulka

    No. He is not disgusting russian whore. Get some Ukrainian Constitution lessons. Dictator is your fucking putin. This scum midged. I really with all of you mrican scums to experience all the pain Ukrainians are going though.
    Слава Украинi ОТРЕПКИ

    David Smith

    Ukrainians are being genocided because America is paying your prancing dictator lots of money to fight their war to the last man, woman and child.
    When it's over, he'll leave Ukraine with billions but won't live to spend it.
    Time someone stepped up and offed him to save what's left of Ukraine.


    It doesn't have to be one or the other. BOTH of them are dictators.

    Rob Manzoni

    "...Zelensky In Now Officially A Dictator..."
    The headline is reminiscent of Clinton's remark over what the meaning is of the word "is"...

    Ed Vidal

    Ukraine is not a part of the West and does not belong in NATO!


    "Zelensky Is Now Officially A Dictator" NO DUH! LOL! Wasn't their election supposed to happen right about now? I mean...before Zelenskyyyyyy cancelled it?

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