• Dodik: The Multi-Ethnic Hoax Has Failed And Bosnia Is No Longer A State

    May 31, 2024
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    President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, via his official website

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    The President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, said that a declaration will be presented at the upcoming All-Serbian Parliament that will address the current situation, and that will later be adopted by the assemblies of Serbia and Republika Srpska. The Serbian leader called Bosnia a failed state and that Republika Srpska can no longer exist within that framework.

    “All the policies of the West are aimed at breaking Serbian unity. They introduced the prefix ‘Bosnian Serbs’ for us in Bosnia and Herzegovina. That is not true, we are Serbs, Serbs exist as a nation. But that is the way they attack our identity,” Dodik explained.

    “If you repeat a false story several times, it remains as if it were true,” the Serb leader said, adding that this is how the story was created among Bosniaks that Serbs are aggressive.

    “Vučić included in his defense strategy that he will defend the Serbs and that he will never allow the ‘Storm’ to happen again, and this is something that ‘resounds’ in the minds of the Serbs in the Republika Srpska,” Dodik emphasized.

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    The President said that Republika Srpska is not without the means to defend itself, and that relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina have never been worse.

    “By all accounts, it would be normal if that country did not exist, it is a caricature,” Dodik explained, saying that Bosnia was given negotiating status for the EU, “because they gave it to Ukraine, so they could not explain that they are not giving it to BiH.”

    Milorad Dodik added that “Peace must be maintained at any cost. Serbia and Republika Srpska can only think about where they will go in peace. The world is now multipolar. The policy we have chosen is to try to work with both, and the West says that if we are not with them, we are against them. They want us to impose sanctions on Russia and to have a historic separation with Russia.”

    Saying that the All-Serbian Parliament will be eye-popping for many, Dodik insisted that "we must clearly state what our policy is,” adding that with this kind of pressure, there will be no more Serbs in Bosnia.

    “They are forcing Serbia to leave Kosovo and lose Republika Srpska. You think we won't have the Sandzak problem then? We in Banja Luka only have life if we leave Bosnia, because that multi-ethnic hoax has failed and Bosnia is no longer a state,” Dodik concluded.



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