• Orban Says EU Parliamentary Elections Are A Chance To Stop The War Before It Escalates To World War III

    June 9, 2024
    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, via his official website

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    In his weekly appearance on Kossuth Radio, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that in the preparations for every war there was a point of no return, and that point is fast approaching. But, he said, Sunday’s European Parliamentary elections are a chance to stop the war. Orbán added that there will be a few tough months until the elections in the United States which “we have to survive.” 

    “If the war does not escalate on the Russian-Ukrainian frontline any further until then, if Donald Trump returns in November, with a good European election result under our belt, we could forge a pan-western transatlantic peace coalition, and with that we could stop the war,” the Hungarian Prime Minister decalred.

    With France providing fighter planes to Ukraine, while the Russians announced that they could supply weapons to any enemy of the United States, Orbán explained that these are not just empty statements, but actions. In his view, Russian troops could soon arrive in Cuba as well as in conflicts in Africa which some Member States of the European Union and the United States are involved in “up to their necks,” and with this, there is the risk of World War III.

    The pro-war forces have turned a conflict that started as a regional one into a European conflict, this then became an East-West conflict, and now it could emerge in all other parts of the world, , he added, warning “that this is how regional wars escalate into world wars.”

    According to the Prime Minister, there is a war psychosis in Europe, as a logical outcome of which military troops of Western European countries will arrive in the territory of Ukraine. Orbán said “only the blind can’t see” this war psychosis. In a best-case scenario, western soldiers would not be sent to the frontline, but “no one in their right mind can have any doubt” about the fact that this is exactly what will happen. 

    The Hungarian Prime Minister said that attempts are being made to silence pro-peace forces, mentioning the assassination attempt against Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. He also found objectionable the European decision that the Member States are not allowed to receive Russian broadcasts, “The Hungarian people and the citizens of the other countries of the EU are barred from the possibility of checking out Ukrainian or Russian news, and then deciding where in their opinion the truth may lie.”

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    Orbán also spoke about the statement Robert Fico made after the attempt on his life. “In the Slovak prime minister’s speech the word ‘Slovakia’ could easily have been replaced with the word ‘Hungary,’ and the speech helps to understand what is going on behind the scenes. We’re facing a multitude of intrusion attempts.”

    Orbán said that getting out of the war now would mean that the victims of the fights to date have died for nothing, and the pro-war forces cannot own up to this. Therefore, stopping half-way is out of the question, they keep throwing fresh money, fresh resources after the already lost money and resources. Speculators, led by George Soros and his associates, are making money on the war hand over fist, while governments – in accordance with their interests – are only too eager to supply arguments to the effect that now that we have invested this much in the war, we should not just let it all go to waste, let us put some more money into it. “And this will never end, or ends only when people in the millions die.”



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    Clifford Reid

    Since any and all war is a sad and complete waste, those who are pushing for war should be isolated and corralled. They nothing but a lawless global criminal organization deserving of having their properties and fortunes confiscated and used as reparations for their crimes. They should be prosecuted for the full extent of their criminal acts. Mr. Orban is clearly a compassionate honest leader for his country.

    Walkin O'Shea

    Again Mr. Orban is correct. Perhaps he should be the leader of the EU. He's the only one in Europe now with any sense at all.

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