• Hungary Fined 200 Million Euros by EU for Opposing Asylum Law

    June 15, 2024

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    The European Court of Justice has fined Hungary 200 million euros for violations of European asylum law. If Hungary delays payment, it will incur an additional penalty of 1 million euros per day, deducted automatically from its share of the European budget. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán lashed out at the ruling, calling it outrageous and insane.

    Orbán said, “the Brussels bubble is full of George Soros’s people; this is equally true of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the judiciary,” adding that “Soros has a plan to bring in a million migrants a year and turn Europe into a continent with a mixed population. It doesn’t matter if the white population, the European population is dwindling in numbers, it will be replaced by other kinds of people from elsewhere.” 

    Hungary is accused of systematically violating EU asylum rules, stemming from a December 2020 ruling by the European Court of Justice. The court determined that Budapest restricted access to asylum procedures for migrants seeking international protection. They also accused Hungarian authorities of illegally detaining asylum seekers in transit zones, violating their right to reside in the country during the status-granting procedure.

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    Orbán pointed out that the first person to welcome the court’s decision was George Soros’s Brussels leader. “This is an old war” which started in 2015-2016 when Hungary built a fence to stop the flow of migrants coming in the hundreds of thousands, resembling an invasion. We have spent two billion euros on protecting Hungary, and in order for Hungary to remain Hungary,” the Hungarian Prime Minister explained.

    “Brussels has no right to tell us whom we should live together with,” Orbán stressed, adding that “the Brussels migration demand means that we should let migrants in, we should give them money and we should allow them to live here together with us.”

    Orbán said the sum in question is enormous and that this is money that could be distributed among families, given to pensioners or spent on the protection of children, calling it “A decision, the likes of which the world had never seen before.”



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    Dwayne Oxford

    Yup, lucifer's Soros and his minions, destroying Caucasian nations.

    Amy Williams

    Stand Strong Mr. Orbán!💪

    Walkin O'Shea

    Mr. Oban, tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine! (Oban úr, mondja meg nekik, hogy tegyék oda, ahol nem süt a nap!)

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