• Orbán Say Hungary Will Not Participate In Planned NATO Mission In Ukraine

    June 22, 2024
    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, via his official website

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    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in his weekly radio interview on Kossuth Radio that NATO will send a military mission in Ukraine, but that Hungary will not take part in it.

    “A minimum goal has been achieved,” Orbán stated. “The European train is heading for war... I can pull the emergency brake, the train will stop, and the Hungarians will be able to disembark… If the stars are favorable, and it will be possible to convince the conductor, then no one will continue.”

    “I agreed with the Secretary General of NATO that Hungary will get off the train. NATO will have a military mission in Ukraine, but Hungary will not participate in it with weapons, money or soldiers,” Orbán said.

    The Hungarian Prime Minister went on to say that “only former US President Donald Trump, if he returns to the White House after the November election, will be able to stop the train.”

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    Orbán agreed to back Mark Rutte as the next NATO chief after the outgoing Dutch prime minister gave him written guarantees that he would not force Hungary to participate in the military alliance’s new plans to support Ukraine.

    Rutte’s assurances, contained in a letter to Orbán, removed the principal obstacle to him becoming NATO’s next secretary-general. At talks in Budapest last week, NATO’s current Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg, cut a deal with Orbán to ensure Hungary does not block NATO plans for Ukraine. Stoltenberg agreed that Hungary would not be obliged to provide personnel or funds for the “collective efforts,” but Orbán insisted on written assurances from Rutte also.

    As NATO takes all of its decisions by consensus, each of the 32 member states has an effective veto, including whether they participate in joint missions or operations.



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    The idiots of NATO will start ww111 and while all the elite are cunfy in there bunkers we will all die

    Jack Fanning

    Thank God for Hungary for opposing the WWIII insanity

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