• Vazrazhdane Calls For Halt To Preparations To Join Eurozone

    May 21, 2023
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    Vazrazhdane MP Deyan Nikolov, via Facebook

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    At a press conference at the Bulgarian National Assembly in Sofia, member of parliament Deyan Nikolov, representing the Vazrazhdane (Revival) Party, called on Bulgarian authorities to immediately halt the technical preparations being made for Bulgaria to join the Eurozone. “We insist that all work on the technical preparation for Bulgaria’s entry into the Eurozone be stopped,” he told reporters. “If there are steps in this direction, they should be carried out after the referendum.” Vazrazhdane collected over 600,000 signatures to force a referendum on the issue and these have been submitted for verification.

    Deyan Nikolov told the media about a meeting between representatives of Vazrazhdane and the parliamentary committees on finance and economy with the governor of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) Dimitar Radev. The discussion centered around Bulgaria’s eventual accession to the Eurozone. According to Nikolov, the Ministry of Finance has neglected to provide an analysis of the possible benefits and harms for our country from the adoption of the euro for more than a year.

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    He added that during the meeting with the BNB governor, Vazrazhdane again raised the issue of the return of our country’s gold reserves from London, Great Britain. The MP noted that Vazrazhdane would probably not support Dimitar Radev taking the post of BNB governor again, as the party has experts suitable for the position.

    “At the meeting with BNB, we insisted that all work on their technical preparation for Bulgaria's inclusion in the eurozone be terminated,” Nikolov reiterated. “There is no consensus on the topic in Bulgarian society. Most of Bulgarian society does not want this. ️Vazrazhdane also plans to hold a meeting with the Ministry of Finance on the topic.” Later, after learning that the BNB is secretly making preparations to introduce the euro in Bulgaria despite the referendum initiative, Nikolov called for Radev's immediate resignation.

    As the globalist agenda in Bulgaria is tied to replacing the national currency with the Euro, there are efforts behind the scenes, supported by the U.S. Embassy, to undermine the referendum initiative and subvert the democratic process. Western authorities and their Bulgarian allies fear allowing the Bulgarian people to have a say on the matter.

    In a post on Facebook, party leader Kostadin Kostadinov wrote, "There are attempts by the American lobby to carry out a hidden coup – either to prevent the referendum or to change the issue. The verification found 603,000 signatures, representing 12% of Bulgarian voters, and for this reason, if anyone thinks that he will commit a coup by not allowing a referendum, he will face the backlash of Vazrazhdane. To be clear from now on: we will call on tens of thousands of Bulgarians to say that they will not let anyone else, especially from abroad, decide for them."



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