• Romania To Train Ukrainian F-16 Pilots

    July 10, 2023
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    Following a meeting of the Supreme Defense Council last Thursday, Romania has agreed to host a NATO regional hub for the training of F-16 fighter jet pilots, which will train Ukrainian F-16 pilots in anticipation of the delivery of the advanced aircraft to the Ukrainian military later in the year. The decision deepens Romania’s involvement in the conflict in a neighboring country that still occupies large portions of Romanian territory occupied at the end of World War II, including Snake Island in the Black Sea.

    “This regional hub will cover the needs for training for allies and regional partners, thus contributing to increased cohesion, unity and strengthening the euro-Atlantic deterrence and defense position,” a statement issued by the office of Romanian President Klaus Iohannis read. “Romanian pilots who fly F-16 aircraft will be trained here, and later the structure will be open for pilots from allied states and NATO partners, including Ukraine, to participate.”

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    Among the reasons that NATO chose Romania as the base for the training hub is its proximity to Ukraine and its instructors with recent experience in converting MIG pilots to the F-16. It is also thought that Russian radar installations will be unable to monitor entry and exit from Romania to Ukraine if the planes are flown at lower altitudes.

    The decision is not surprising as Romania’s government is largely subservient to Western globalist interests. The move deepens the country’s direct involvement in the conflict in neighboring Ukraine despite the fact that a large proportion of the Romanian population opposes such involvement. In addition to the fact that Ukraine continues to occupy territory seized from Romania at the end of World War II, the Zelensky regime also actively persecutes the Romanian minority living in Ukraine by denying them the right to language, worship, and education in their native tongue.



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