• Referendum On Preserving Bulgarian Lev Referred To Constitutional Court

    July 12, 2023
    Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov, via Facebook

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    Bulgaria’s main opposition party, Vazrazhdane, will appeal to the Constitutional Court after parliament’s illegal rejection of the petition to hold a national referendum asking Bulgarians “Do you agree that the Bulgarian lev should be the only official currency in Bulgaria until 2043?” The move is widely viewed as a slap in the face to the Bulgarian people as the “U.S. Embassy” government ruling the country does not want its citizens to have a voice in the future of their country.

    Vazrazhdane first appealed to Bulgarian President Rumen Radev who said that he cannot set a date for the referendum because it is the responsibility of parliament. The President did, however, agree that “A referendum should be held since the legal conditions have been met and the required number of signatures have been collected.”

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    Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov commented on Radev’s decision not to act, saying “To our great surprise and disappointment, the president refused to implement the law, similar to what was done by the ruling majority – Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria, the movement for Rights and Freedoms and GERB.”

    Kostadinov then announced that the party will appeal the decision to the Constitutional Court. “First, we will ask whether Friday’s decision means acceptance or rejection of the referendum or neither. Next, we will ask the question that our opponents should have asked – does our referendum question meet the Constitution.” The matter now rests with Bulgaria’s Constitutional Court which will have to decide if it will uphold democracy and the rule of law in the country.



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    Galfon Gadulka

    Do you know that this guy is RUSSIAN asset. And he is a Nazi. He wants to put all in gale who does not agree with russia!!!

    Freedom Fighter

    This is what globalists say about anyone who deviates from their agenda.

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