• Orbán Criticizes The West’s Relentless Pursuit Of War

    July 16, 2023
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    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the NATO Summit in Vilnius, via Twitter

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    “The West wants to continue the war, and this was confirmed at the NATO summit. There is little talk of peace, so the war will not end in the foreseeable future and sanctions will not be lifted,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Hungary’s Kossuth Rádió on Friday.

    Orbán said that he fears a different future awaits Hungarians if the war continues. The West wants war and this was confirmed at the NATO summit in Vilnius. “There is hardly any talk of peace, so the war will not end in the foreseeable future and sanctions will not be lifted. Without them, we could return to a normal economic growth path,” he said, adding that his government has a plan to bring inflation down to single digits by the end of the year, despite the war and sanctions.

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    The Hungarian Prime Minister stated that it was essential to prevent Ukrainian demands from being accepted at the NATO summit because this would increase the risk of a World War. He sharply criticized the tactics employed by the Zelensky government at the summit, saying “If you are in trouble and you ask for help, behave appropriately,” adding that even the British defense minister criticized Zelensky after the NATO summit for his lack of gratitude. Orbán added that “it is important not to accept the Ukrainian point of view because that would drag us into war.”

    Orbán agreed that the Americans could end the war tomorrow if they wanted to. “At the NATO summit, we did not get an answer as to why the Americans do not want this.”



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    Another smart country telling it like it is. Pedo Biden and his criminal globalist’s want nothing but war, the destruction of the nuclear family and to freeze & starve the people while Biden and that little prick Zelensky demands weapons he can sell on the black market and money he can launder for Biden and himself.

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