• Bulgarian Citizens Call For Referendum On Teaching Gender Ideology In Schools

    July 28, 2023
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    Bulgarian Flag, via Wikimedia Commons

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    Radical gender ideology is infecting Europe, spread by U.S. Embassies around the world and various globalist NGOs. With a new globalist coalition created by the U.S. Embassy in Sofia now ruling Bulgaria, citizens in this overwhelmingly Orthodox Christian country are alarmed at the threat it poses to traditional culture and national identity itself. To combat the danger, a committee was formed to stop the indoctrination of Bulgaria’s youth with radical gender ideology.

    The Initiative Committee to protect Bulgaria’s youth announced that it has collected 208,269 signatures on a petition asking the National Assembly to call for a referendum against teaching  “gender ideology in schools.” If the referendum is approved, citizens will be asked if they support a prohibition on the instruction, upbringing, and propaganda related to sex change and to concepts of a gender other than male and female among children and pupils in Bulgaria’s educational system.

    Optimistic that there will be enough support in parliament for scheduling a referendum, Korneliya Ninova, leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, which supports the initiative, told reporters, “What matters most is how many people will vote in that referendum and how they will vote. I am convinced that most of them will say ‘no’ to gender ideology in schools and kindergartens.” The Bulgarian Socialist Party, along with Vazrazhdane, the leading opposition party in the country, both oppose the teaching of radical gender ideology in schools.

    The Direct Citizen Participation in State and Local Government Act requires a minimum of 200,000 signatures of citizens who are eligible voters must be collected in order to petition Parliament to hold a national referendum. The signatures remain to be validated by the Directorate General for Citizens’ Registration and Administrative Services.

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    Given the current Bulgarian government’s subservience to the U.S. Embassy, parliamentary approval of the referendum is not assured. Recently, parliament sabotaged the holding of a referendum on maintaining the Bulgarian Lev as the national currency, despite the fact that over 600,000 citizens signed the petition. That issue is now before Bulgaria’s Constitutional Court.

    Vladimir Sheitanov, co-chair of the Initiative Committee explained that radical gender ideology disseminated in kindergartens and schools impairs children’s physical and mental health. “Such children have no future. We would like to call attention to the premature sexualization of children at an age at which they are unable to understand such information. We want to warn parents that sex change will cripple their children, that the mental ramifications of a sex change at age 5 to 7 may lead to critical conditions.”

    Sheitanov added that children and adolescents perceive quite uncritically precepts about the neutrality of biological sex and the existence of genders other than male and female, and this leads to serious mental deviations in children’s development.



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