• Andrew Tate And His Brother Tristan Escape House Arrest

    August 5, 2023
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    Andrew Tate, via Wikimedia Commons

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    After seven months of incarceration followed by house arrest, a Court of Appeal in Bucharest has decided that Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan will be released pending trial. Romanian authorities have accused the Tate brothers of rape, human trafficking, and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women, charges denied by the defendants. The ruling is a victory for the Tate brothers as Romania has a long and sordid history of using fabricated sex crimes as a means of attacking political opponents.

    The Tate brothers are released under a system called ‘judicial control,’ for a period of 60 days, from August 4, 2023 to October 2, 2023. The Tate brothers and two women also charged in the case must comply with the following regulations: to appear before the judge of the preliminary chamber or in court whenever they are summoned; to immediately inform the court if they change their residence; to report to the police in accordance with the terms of a surveillance program or whenever they are summoned.

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    Additional measures prohibit the Tate brothers  from going outside "the territorial limit of Ilfov County and the Municipality of Bucharest, without prior approval from the judge of the preliminary chamber or the court.” They are also prohibited from leaving Romania.

    In response to the decision, Andrew Tate announced on Twitter the formation of a charity to help protect men in similar situations who are falsely accused of sex crimes. “There are hundreds of high-profile cases of men suffering from false accusations,” Tate wrote. “There are thousands of untold stories of normal men having their lives destroyed. I am launching a charity to protect men from this predatory evil. Sign up: https://cobratate.com/defence

    After his release from house arrest, Tate tweeted, “I spent my first day released from house arrest staying home in my house.”



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