• The Zelensky Regime Imports An American Progressive Transgender Activist As Its Military Spokesperson

    August 5, 2023
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    Michael John Cirillo aka Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, via Twitter

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    A transgender Democrat Party activist and suspected FBI informant from the United States has been named an official spokesperson for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Kyiv Post announced the appointment in a post on Twitter on Thursday. The appointment of Michael John Cirillo, now called Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, is a sign of the complete subservience of the Zelensky regime to the Democrat Party and more generally the Globalist Uni-Party in Washington.

    In a statement to Newsweek, Ashton-Cirillo said, “Having been in Ukraine for almost 520 days, in a variety of both civilian and military capacities, more than anything I've come to appreciate the strength and resilience of the Ukrainian people. Over the last month, as my role has evolved from a zero-line infantry soldier to one of the public voices of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, I've become ever more grateful for that strength.”

    Ashton-Cirillo, who claims to be a journalist, is best known as a transgender Democrat Party activist and alleged FBI informant who tried to engage in various discredited schemes to undermine Republican politicians in Las Vegas. He also was a failed candidate for Las Vegas City Council in 2021.

    Michael John Cirillo aka Sarah Ashton-Cirillo

    Upon arriving in Ukraine, Ashton-Cirillo was embedded with the Nazi Azov Battalion. He implicated himself in the arrest and torture of American-Chilean independent journalist Gonzolo Lira by Ukrainian security forces, falsely claiming that Lira was a Russian spy.

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    Lira who recently escaped Ukrainian custody by paying off Ukrainian officials, has not been heard from since July 31 when he was attempting to cross into Hungary to seek political asylum. He posted extensively about his ordeal at the hands of the SBU on Twitter. Lira suggested that the U.S. would extradite him back to Ukraine, because Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland “hates my guts, or so I’m told.” Lira’s current whereabouts are unknown.

    The appointment of Ashton-Cirillo as an official spokesman for the Ukrainian military is another reflection of the Zelensky regime’s subservience to the globalist forces directing the war. Importing an American transgender activist as military spokesman is a slap in the face to Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting bravely to defend their homeland.



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