• Jack Smith Is Accused Of Fabricating A Phony Case In Kosovo

    August 7, 2023
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    Jack Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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    Trump prosecutor Jack Smith is accused of building a “phony” case against the former President of Kosovo, Hamid Thaci, for political reasons. Thaci was imprisoned for three years and is still in prison. Smith’s own witnesses said Smith lied to them.

    The Republican hearings on Kosovo and Serbia have not included anyone who has actually visited the region. Rick Grenell offered his services, and 2 1/2 weeks ago, he went there. It’s a dangerous place, and he went without security.  The people were grateful that he came and actually asked them what they thought.

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    Grenell read the testimony of the one witness who had never been to Kosovo, and that person really had no idea how the people on the ground felt. There were no facts from the ground, and it was a whitewashing with a lot of talking points.

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    Not quite understanding the gross outline, here. Jack Smith had a witness fabricate some type of story? The person was an 'eyewitness,' but it turns out they'd never been to Kosovo?

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