• Is Marcon Preparing To Seize Dictatorial Powers In France?

    June 21, 2024
    French President Emmanuel Macron, via Wikimedia Commons

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    After calling for snap parliamentary elections following the crushing defeat of his party in the European parliamentary elections, the French media is reporting that President Emmanuel Macron is discussing with close advisors the possibility of invoking article 16 of the French Constitution that would allow him to seize dictatorial powers. The Élysée Palace is hoping for chaos to ensue following the elections, allowing him an excuse to suspend democracy and seize dictatorial power in the country.

    Technically, there are two conditions needed to activate article 16 of the French Constitution: an insurrectional threat or the interruption of the regular functioning of public authorities. Either option could be chosen by Macron after these legislative elections. He could then assume dictatorial powers. Given the globalists tendency to label any opposition to their agenda as insurrectionist, or at the very least a threat to the regular functioning of public authorities, the possibility of Macron seizing dictatorial power certainly poses a real threat to French democracy.

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    In addition, the Constitution does not provide for a maximum duration for the exercise of these exceptional powers; only the Constitutional Council, filled with Marcon allies, can decide, after a 60 day period, whether the President is justified in invoking it. Article 16 has only been used once in the history of the Fifth Republic, in 1961, when General de Gaulle stopped an attempted coup by the military.

    Responding to the news, the Leader of the French Partiot Party, Florian Philippot, said the threat posed by Macron is very real. Writing on X, formerly Twitter, the opposition leader said, “This man is crazy, he is capable of anything! What is the ‘opposition’ waiting for, we need to dismiss him before it is too late!”

    Because of the public backlash after these reports surfaced, the Élysée Palace announced a public denial, but there is every reason to doubt its veracity.



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    A perfect French weasel!


    A scum bag (Macron) needs removing.

    Florida Prophet

    There is little doubt the little Napoleon II would relish the thought of becoming a dictator. It is, after all, the agenda of the globalist WEF crowd, of which little Emmanuel is a dues-paying member.

    But please, if a news site wants to remain credible, proofread your copy! How many typos of Marcon are necessary in one publication?


    Hello? It's Macron.


    If anything, he's going to be run out of town. They hate him, all of them hate him. He thinks he's the 2nd coming of Napoleon.

    PHERGUS berger

    A french joe briben ...whom is married to a dude like obammy.


    Ask him about his husband.


    Well he is a WEF globalist puke...The French get what they asked for...I have ZERO sympathies for them.


    That progressive punk is following the course that the fascist Biden is implementing in the US. Global elites are terrified and are grasping at anything and everything to maintain their control. They need to research what happened to IL Duce and Nicolae Ceaușescu.


    Bring back the guillotine. Come people you did it with the royalty not do it with the dictators.


    WHO,,,, would have thought different?


    French democracy is just an illusion. The same is true in the rest of Europe as well in America. No lefty politician ever gave up power voluntarily.

    D B

    A DNA and paternity test of he & his elderly cross dressing husband are in order.
    Is Macro really Macron or somebody else's bastard child mentored puppet shill? The same goes for Justin Castro of Canada.


    Fix your headline, "Staff" Writer. Macron! SMH


    Do it, Macron!!! Your country dares you. Be THE reason the Guillotine is brought back in vogue.


    Who is "Marcon"?

    Subotai Bahadur

    France never has quite gotten the concept of "Liberty under a uniform rule of law", and they generate new constitutions faster than they cook souffles.


    "Is Marcon Preparing To Seize Dictatorial Powers In France?"
    Why not? Trudeau did it in Canada.

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